Design Stages

Hobby mnemonisticheskimi formulas sometimes leads to interesting results. In conjunction with the subject of architectural design and construction of this helps one way or another in an orderly to look at the main chain events that have take place according to the stages and phases of design. What is mnemonisticheskie formula? Surely each of us remember from childhood like this: "Every hunter wants to know where sits pheasant, where each capital letter of a word corresponds to the color spectrum. Accordingly, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Blue, Purple. Likewise, in other formulas for better ease of reading and memorizing some elements used their components. Today I would like to introduce one of these formulas stages of design work, which is called "RUPSSS, what it is, I'll tell you a little later.

"P" Design sketch project. At this stage you have to develop the project in accordance with the requirements and wishes of the customer. This is the initial stage of design, but nevertheless one of the most important because everything else will proceed from the fact that you are "laid" at the stage of conceptual design. "I" statement. Approving the customer a draft, you just as it should be approved by the relevant bodies. GlavUAG, GlavAPU. In different cities and countries instance name may be different. But the basic concept is the main architectural control.

And after approval GlavAPU can directly proceed to the next stage that is "P" Design. Stage direct object design. Here you are in the development of the whole working process with all relevant sections, as well as the relationship between a whole range of works. "C" Approval. Of course, the most important "test" the designer is a negotiation. Here we have a lot of work and "run", what would your child has acquired the right to "life." Otherwise, all previous encroachments will in vain. "C" Building. On a miracle, all the design work successfully completed and obtained all the approvals. Finally came the exciting moment when all that you have designed will "grow" before your eyes. The second "test" Designer of this construction. Here it is just pop up all the flaws and mistakes. "C" Surrender. Delivery of the object, although not the most important moment for the designer, but most important for the customer. After all this he sought all this time. And it is this and not end a simple way to implement a project plan. Of course one can not be determined only by the complexity and layering of the concept of design engineering, as well as to example of a mathematical formula can not solve all problems. And that's why a lot of formulas and in this regard, I think this topic Topic mnemonisticheskih formulas in architectural design can be developed and with eventually become a collection of problems for the design:). Of course, this is a joke, but still likely in the future I will try again to address this point, so that would try to reveal in more detail some details and subtleties of design.