Experience abroad international experience with internships and numerous new linked contacts bring many advantages to the ever-growing competition on the labour market. Who half a year or longer abroad lived and worked has, can lead negotiations in the country / language of business for his employer. The participants at the same time language and experience abroad collects in a language course with a trainee. In a one-month language course intensively prepared each participant on the practice, E.g. application letters written and interviews in role-playing games practiced in the local language. It is also possible that is learned in the course of economic vocabulary and improved the own pronunciation in special courses.

And all this in classes that are multicultural. This guarantees lots of fun, because every nationality has its own special problems. A super preparation for the attached internship and the later professional career. When is the right time for a Internship abroad? To find an internship for the summer, is more difficult than one for the spring or the fall. The lead times are accordingly.

An internship abroad is only recommended after studying if realistic perspectives exist and it is not taken as a cheap labour force. The time between Bachelor and master is complicated, because without student status, it is difficult to get an internship at all in many countries. Often, an internship because the legislation only as part of the studies or training is feasible. During his studies, the study center is the perfect time. It has been a good basic knowledge of the subject and can then beneficial for the rest of the study still use his international experience. Content in the placement outside the EU foreign employers provide insight into activities and processes, integrate trainees into the action, usually but not pay the internship. If an internship is paid or not, depends also on the own qualifications, length of time of the Internship programme of the Department in which you work and the country off. Tip! Basically, you have to count so as if no payment is made, but with appropriate funding programs use, because they partially significantly facilitate the financing. The internship is an investment that is worth not only in relation to the further development, but even much fun programmes and Education services and guidance for schools, parents, students, trainees, graduates, students and adults is bildungsdoc.