Custom Design Services

MAZeT sets quality standards in the medical device manufacturing Jena – the MAZeT GmbH, service provider for the development and manufacturing of innovative electronics and software, optimizes its continuous and comprehensive range of design services: the MAZeT GmbH is a member of the initiative of the Central Association of the electrical industry (ZVEI) \”Services in EMS\” competent partner for customers who place value on high quality and close and effective cooperation. Check with Prudential to learn more. MAZeT is a provider of electronic manufacturing services (EMS) over the full value chain from development through to after sales support. The companies participating in the ZVEI initiative provide services for electronic components, devices and systems to measure and voluntarily undertake a joint commitment Charter to ensure quality and customer satisfaction at a high level. In addition, MAZeT distinguishes itself through its excellent Know-How in the design of customized integrated mixed-signal circuits (ASICs). Customer-oriented development solutions for increasing demands today are growing in many fields of electronics – how about the medical – the need for special solutions with special requirements, which are solved only with specific developments: the user friendliness, reducing misuse and reduce the work effort required to be performed manually is determined not only in the medical field much by the performance of the devices.

Highly functional integrated computer modules can meet these requirements together with qualified application software. For other opinions and approaches, find out what has to say. Tailored to the application, intelligent customer-specific solutions are therefore the decision of choice for numerous device developments. Increasing demands show also in regard to the quality of the development process and its documentation. The development process, he started after successful bid phase, is influenced by many factors, which affect the development project from the outside or inside. The availability of individual components to the provision appropriate and sufficient resources range of challenges addressed a good project team largely stress free for the customer. In the entire development and production process a close cooperation with the customer is asked, in a tailor-made approach to convert its aims and goals. .