As a consequence, career success is strongly reflected in consumer confidence, much more noticeable than education. There are many other factors affecting consumer confidence man. Of course, stable rules this effect does not exist because combinations of these factors with the myriad peculiarities of personality, and each of such combinations may exhibit different effects. Clearly, a detailed analysis of the influence of consumer confidence in the success of the business seller will be unnecessary. Consumer confidence is less searches, faster thinking, more pay, more rarely complains about the service. At any retail consumer confidence plays the role of the fittest driver. The ability to find, recognize in the audience segments are confident, motivated their loyalty can become a very tangible competitive tool.

“Innovators and the Conservatives” Innovators and conservatives – it is extremely categories of society, actively accept or reject categorically the progressive innovations. These definitions are applicable to many areas of life, and in marketing and consumer behavior have a special place. In particular, the concept of product life cycle is almost entirely based on the activity of these different consumer groups in relation to new products. Innovators gladly accept everything fresh, whether a new product, service, tourist destination and generally promising improvements in their lives. Innovators are the first to agree with the new conditions of life, finding in them a positive promise. As an engine of progress, the team first takes on new items, bearing all the risks associated with buying and using an unknown commodity. From them comes the first view, the first assessment, determine in the future as a commodity to be adopted by the following, less progressive, consumer groups.