Comprehensive Fleet Management

VehcoWeb provides such as analyzing, evaluating and comparing the driving behaviour of all driver that application is itself equally, dispatchers, fleet managers and business leaders, because it caters to the focus on different users. VehcoWeb allows such as analyzing, evaluating and comparing the driving behaviour of all driver Ahrensburg near Hamburg, 30.05.2013. In addition to the diesel consumption, you can retrieve also figures to the efficiency of the crews of vehicles engaged in a management cockpit. Thus, also the skill of the schedulers can be analyzed and optimized on the basis of objective data. In addition to the analysis of collected data via freely definable periods, VehcoWeb shows Alternatively the current position data of all vehicles used and the operating times of the crews of vehicles in real time.

The new application VehcoWeb completes the best download suite to control and manage telematikgestutzter fleets. The controllable via a browser solution combines the capabilities of two proven applications VehcoManager and VehcoMap in one Surface. The VehcoManager is a management and administration tool. While the VehcoManager with its extensive analysis is primarily aimed at fleet manager and Managing Director, VehcoMap was designed first and foremost for dispatchers. VehcoMap visualized as the current positions of all vehicles used, shows the available driving and rest periods and early warns of impending delays or driving time infringements.

The most common features were fully taken over in VehcoWeb. At the same time VehcoWeb added new indicators and trend analyses for fuel consumption, driving style and vehicle usage. The telematics providers as required locally presents its novelties. Also, download between June 13 and 15, at the annual general meeting of Transfrigoroute in Hamburg is to be found. Here, the telematics solution VehcoCold specially designed for cooling logistics companies in the food and pharmaceuticals in the foreground will be however. The telematics solution tractor and trailer are using RFID technology linked intelligently and cost effectively with each other.