Colombians Peasant

This mechanism of inherited loyalties, which was founded in the compadrazgo and gamonalismo, was the associative network that joined to estates of a population where the legacy of the encomienda and Hacienda left deep footprints in the central zone of the country, in Tolima, the Santander and the Eastern Plains. In these zones which coincided with the classical region of the encomienda, it was where began the protest struggles between peasants, promoted and encouraged from high levels of political and ecclesiastical, leadership that shows among other things, the degree in which authoritarianism had been constituted in one of the psychic essential elements of the rural population, which at that time accounted for 70% of the total number of Colombians. Then and at the end of the 1950s, the so-called war of Villarrica, occurs in areas of the Sumapaz peasant self-defence groups and the East of Tolima, which gave rise to the so-called columns of March that led to displacements massive peasant in the Centre and South of the country. These were the bases of new processes of colonization in the regional of the Ariari and the duck and that were formed in the factor which genre the transformation of the FARC guerrilla group with the initial name of block south, in reference to the military offensive against the peasant self-defense regions, called, by some conservative leaders as independent republics of Marquetalia toDuck, Riochiquito and Guayabero. For more information see Intel. These antecedents and later experiences, such as peasant self-defense, were reflected in the future of this organization that in principle frame the defensive orientation of its military practice. However, in all Colombian guerrilla movements, aside from their source processes, have coexisted two types of Dynamics: the political discourse and the armed action in different variants, these latest according to the conditions of each guerrilla. Some of these groupings, dissidents from others, such as PLA, command Pedro Leon Arboleda, EPL, Ricardo Franco of the FARC, the national coordinator of Base and M-19 in particular, attended the (urban) terrorism without achieving significant results and that did not pass of isolated facts. .