To amend my previous error, I continued saying, a you like a wine? a . Instantly, he replied: a Poco drink and when I do I'll pay yoa. Circulating through my head a thousand and one questions, and to him: a What do you want then? a . At the time, said: Hablar!, More than a century ago have not talked to nadiea . Le sonsaque if he had family and said he had three sons and four grandchildren. a rize better not to speak …

and, with age, loses one to the good friends, he concluded. I have read recently and I have had a few things about the elderly. There was one of those solitary creatures, that he was requesting a similar hablara a … and a match I could not give. Indeed, he was someone who was begging for humanity, well … it was really a being who was alone. I regretted it after not having been more time with Ela "now that fashion is not repent of anything (or politicians when they lie or are mistaken, or economists when they err in their forecasts …) a " with its loneliness and their fears, isolation … which will you have a few years time, if the society in which we are immersed not change their habits dehumanized.

When old begin our great physical and intellectual limitations and then affection, understanding, caring … and supplement each other. The last trip of my short or long life more bearable see inside the coexistence familial and isolated residences sad, but well cared for and clean, dead walls of my own loneliness.