Coach Loyalty

The coach, who is disloyal to the company, can never be loyal to the company's clients. And it follows from this and the quality of work and motivation, and more value. Professionalism begins with a coach loyalty. But no matter how hard you try, not all of you can make loyal employees. Basically, the principle: the greater the pay, the lower value. Feedback is lost, the coach becomes the "star." I have met exceptions, but they are known only confirm the rule.

As soon as the coach there was a stellar illness, he is confident that the company quietly and without live. From my experience, I know very well that it is not. Yet neither the former coach of our company could not find a more promising job than he had. But he begins to teeter on the brink, and as a result we are still breaking up. As You can work with him? What kind of standards can we talk? As a star can be made to maintain the quality? Nothing. The problem is, that really does.

This is the same gangrene, which is treated only surgically. If time does not remove the newfound star of the team, the star disease begin to suffer all the rest – from professionals to trainees. And then you have to lay off almost polkompanii. And yet, when a person works in smart business, he thinks that only he is working, and everyone else enjoy the fruits of his labor. If on the situation publicly talked customers training, so it is no longer just an internal problem training companies. Now it applies to all market participants: training companies, clients, trainers themselves, who want to work professionally in this field. There is a solution, but it is difficult and requires systematic work. Solution – a system approach. Training companies need to raise staff, to create a system for education and training of trainers. Customers must also give preference to professionals who work in standards, develop methodologies and strive for quality rather than star-Training to support the market. Also, do not offer "halturku" business coaches behind the training companies. Let us not behave like temporary worker, and then we will always need each other!