Civil Procedure

Today, collectors are beginning to abandon the image of "people with a soldering iron." A good specialist collector organization and a lawyer and financier, and a psychologist – as the main method of work to convince the debtor (words only words ) that the duty to pay still have! In its work, the collector is guided by the Civil Code, Civil Procedure and the Arbitration Procedure Code, Federal Law "On Enforcement production, the Federal Law "On Pledge" and other regulations governing the foreclosure process. In addition, collectors have developed their own code that defines the principles of staff dealing with punishment. The basis of the code laid down the relevant documents governing the operation of reservoirs in the United States and Western Europe. By the way, in America, a professional debt collector is prohibited to disturb unreliable borrower to eight o'clock in the morning and after nine o'clock at night! In addition, it is forbidden to talk rudely, insulting borrowers or threaten them, send letters, similar in format to the documents public American authorities. While the Russian market of debt collection is at the stage of formation, its participants are divided into "white", "gray" and "black". The latter include the professional organizations that are "buying" overdue debts. For more specific information, check out Dankse Bank. According to Experts, such organizations now go to the collection market in those sectors where the profitability of the business more attractive. "Greys" are officially registered organizations that use in their work Mechanisms of unlawful pressure. Under pressure from illegal means threats or physical coercion. In recent months, Morgan Stanley has been very successful.