Choosing Ceilings

1. Welds are not visible eye. Actually, not so important, it is seen or not seen. The question is how to treat this. In any case, anyone, even the cheapest suspended ceiling looks much better gray curved ceiling with a glued-on it foam tiles or cracked plaster. Another thing that for some, the issue is very painful joints. The hosts have a suspended ceiling is usually always know exactly how many stitches they have in the room and see where they are located, while the visitors may not immediately realize that the ceiling and stretch the seams will not notice. Welds are much stronger in gloss and satin, and less visible on the opaque ceiling.

2. pvc ceiling withstand about 100 liters of water per 1 m2 of hard provide 100 liters of water per square meter ceiling. These data are more apparent than accurate. When leaking ceiling is pulled down and difficult to understand how much water there, and how many square meters of ceiling she pulls to the same ceiling pulled stronger at bay with hot water. Indeed suspended ceiling can be assembled at a definite amount of water and restore its shape after a small leak, but you should be aware that the suspended ceiling is not is a means of protection from unscrupulous neighbors, and such damages as the bursting of the seam or gap paintings of chandeliers caused major bays are not covered by warranty. 3.

pvc ceiling perfectly washed pvc the ceiling is very flexible and bends even with a light touch. As a consequence, fully wash the ceiling vryatli get so much as to put pressure on him is not desirable, especially if it mostly on the ceiling is about what his touch, such as keeping out the ceiling wiring. In the end, if as a result of such a burst washing weld, the problems caused by your company representative may have noticed a strange pattern on the ceiling and refuses to change the ceiling on warranties as was the case forcing the ceiling. 4. With a glossy ceiling room seems twice This is perhaps the biggest misconception. People naively that if in a room with low ceilings stretch glossy ceiling then it will appear above. To see this effect it at the ceiling to fix the huge mirror, and it is unusual and should be absolutely clean. In fact, glossy ceilings are more suitable for high premises. At high altitude on the gloss is not visible creases which are formed by the addition of paintings in the shop after its manufacture to the same joints on gyantse often have lines that are also seen at close range. We recommend gloss in the bathroom, where a lot of lacquer surfaces such as bathroom, sink, tile, etc. If a man really want a glossy ceiling of the room, we recommend you ask the interior designer for advice.