Choose Fishing

How to choose a spinning rod or spinning? This issue once in your life, almost everyone asked anglers. If you decide to buy a spinning, I advise you to their friends to find an experienced fisherman, that he will help you make your choice. If you have no friends fishermen, then read this article in it, I will try to bring you some up to date on what points need to draw your attention when buying spinning rod. Maybe that it will help you make the right choice. Before going to the store for the purchase of spinning around you need to determine the following: the amount by which you expect to purchase the expected amount of future trophy type of fishing, fishing conditions, the type and weight of artificial lures required casting distance. Plug or a telescope? Only if you can not carry enough overall plug rods to the place of fishing, then you will come in handy telescope. For example, if you need to take a trip in spinning, then, for this is right telescopic spinning.

Indeed, the only indisputable plus telescopic rods is their compactness. But if you want to buy spin seriously, I want to advise you plug the composite or spinning rod. How to choose the length of the spinning rod? If you suspect fishing from shore or boat in the small and medium-sized rivers, canals, ponds and lakes (about 120 m width), we advise you to choose the length of the spinning within 2.1-2.7 meters.