Changing The Account From The Welcome Gift

Often, there are attractive bait advertising with a change of the current account, but here, the buyer must beware. You must watch dear readers and readers, if you are planning to change your checking account, bait advertising by various banks. Attractive premiums, reduced interest rates or even accessories such as free credit cards, free withdrawals at foreign machines, etc are widely used in order to persuade customers to switch. Although at first glance a clever deliberate change of current account, so it seems not can become noticable in the budget book and save even up to 400 a year. What however not to do, is to engage due to generous welcome gifts on a certain Bank, without informing about their further terms and content, because often deceive the seemingly attractive offers. Here, I can recommend only a careful comparison of current account, because of course can be done on the Internet.

Change in current account for example, there are a variety of tools, to find out what the conditions of selected banks look like and how to behave the costs in relation to the services. This one should first own user behavior worrying about and on a sheet of paper write down what you need, how many transactions you make, what you do without, where one is on the way, how often to make cross-border transfers, etc. Can be with this background knowledge for a suitable and cheapest Bank select that and the loss leaders included in the calculation, without letting them to hide. Care should you this on various services, such as extra costs for credit card transactions (transfer and international money transfer), cash withdrawals at foreign ATMs, lost debit card, online-banking costs, TAN method, nominal interest rates, covering interest, as well as of course the service, E.g. contact person direct at the removal of the account or phone number, and of course requirements, it must meet to customer, or To be able to be users of a specific tariff. At some banks, there are requirements, such as a certain level of monthly income or a fixed amount, which must be transferred when you open up to certain interest guarantees to get. Together you should invest the time in an intensive comparison, later to save costs, and not to fall on the first offer. Your Stephan Biermann