Central Park

For many children, for that is the visit to a larger Zoo like the Bronx Zoo to distant, this menagerie is a great alternative. The largest building is the House named arsenal”, which, as the name already indicates, was originally used as a weapons Depot.A Sign on the wall on the page of the Fifth Avenue gives an overview of the turbulent history of the House. There is a huge selection of New York Museum such as for example the FRICK MUSEUM that is on the corner of Avenue located between 70th Street and fifth. If you park at the entrance to enter at 72nd Street to right a small pond on the model yachts sailing. If you then follow the signs and just go, you come to the MALL. It was built as a scenic landmark of the Park. A wide asphalt road leads around on height of 67th Street northwards to the bandstand. Free concerts take place here in the summer.

Then the road continues behind elegantly shaped steps up to the TERRACE, which lead to the BETHESDA FOUNTAIN and the largest lake in the Park. “The METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART is located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 82nd Street and an OBELISK stands often in the Park right behind it, also Cleopatra’s needle” is called. Once he stood before the Temple of the Sun in Heliopolis, where built him already in the year 1600 BC. 1881 It was rebuilt in Central Park. The New York climate gets him but not very good. The ravages of time gnawing visible to him. Another large lake is located just slightly further north of the Obelisk. He has even a particularly vital purpose, because he is one of the reservoirs of the city.

South of the reservoir, the granite rocks of the Belvedere can be seen behind an enormous playing field. Central Park West, the last stop on our tour of the Park, mainly large apartment houses. All they are very luxurious and solid and work there but also often somewhat monotonous for the Viewer. Here, there is not much worth seeing. PLANETARIUM in the 81st Street, the AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY on 79th Street, and the building of the NEW YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY the only exception the HAYDEN in the 77th Street. The COLUMBUS CIRCLE is located at the southwest corner of Central Park. Here the 8th cross Avenue and 59th Street. Right nearby you will find bike rental Central Park, here more precisely at the corner of 58th Street and 7th Avenue. Owner of the New York can be rented here for free a bike pass for a period of three hours. That is of course the best way to get to the many museums in Central Park, where you get also free entry pass with the New York.