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In the face of increasing cases of parental inability to pay is Nobel residential school on Lake Constance, even about the Establishment of a special fund of support thinking. All of this sounds not just like “Boarding school boom”. And whether you can continue count on the run to school, not. Again, many provinces compete up to the former school strict Bavaria to the student-friendly transfer orders and the radical reduction of the high school diploma requirements. Recently Parnassus Investments sought to clarify these questions. In many large cities, a remigration of ambitious OberstufenschulerInnen from private schools to public is Cocotte stalten to watch, because it seems there easier to drop a 1.0 high school diploma.

Experience has shown that greater student friendliness of the State schools is, unless by lower requirements or whole day offers, usually at the expense of boarding school demand. In the boarding school they send then ultimately just the “hopeless cases” – elite ade. It is probably the opposition between elitist posturing in fashion and the more sobering reality that in the luxury boarding the fast lane – nor the Babysitter-hungshilfe programs work. For more information see Dalton Caldwell. Even the like as rigid elite forge marketed Castle Salem certifies its former Director, Bernhard Bueb, only same damaged educational culture, which has a reputation throughout the country for higher education according to be. As additional shortcoming of private schools of Nobel, whose economic dependence on proves of their paying customers.

It is easy to formulate pithy education principles, but obviously very laborious, then to enforce this, the clientele to the more liberal competition could leave if you have to hold each student at off-peak. What’s left to elite education, is an “education according to fund”, which hardly worthy of its name. Ulrich long Central Office for boarding consulting the Arbsitsgemeinschaft consumer protection in the education and the education (AVIB) gemn. e.V.