Taking into account what is written above is necessary to adopt a series of measures that meet these expectations of customers. As first step so sounds a little weird it is necessary to plan a sales process and this’ll achieving it through the following questions: 1. client I want to attract to the Cabinet and which step is you want to do once see the showcase. 2. When you enter the store, where I would like to address 3. Once search product, motivated from the showcase that other product will be ofrecer4.

That purchase value must be achieved for each cliente.5. Once buy I can do to hold it on time and achieve your loyalty. Once the above questions have been resolved should start to prepare you to cover each planned step. Note: everything should be as accurate as it should be at least 80% of hits all see with an example: 1. Suppose you want to attract women to the Cabinet having 30 years onwards and you like to dress casually or formal and your favorite garment than the Jeans for this I make a showcase that call attention to this audience including, obviously, the Jeans, you can basarte in colors or themes 2. Once you enter the store to where I want to go: as the aim is it to walk throughout the store; ubicaras Jeans to the bottom and all the possible pints that are used with Jeans should be placed as adjacent products.

Note: The inside of the store should also go to the same theme of the showcase and all should speak the same language. Answering the question 3 and 4 I assemble different pints in order to achieve that client complies with the sale that has been planned in advance finally to achieve your loyalty, I can use your data to send you information or a magazine online on the Jeans. Finally need to make sure that there is enough product, you can make different combinations of garments to arm pints to your clients and also cover the carvings you must prepare your staff and go correcting drawbacks presented on the road to eliminating margins of error. Another important point is to measure the impact that had the strategy either to correct it, improve it or remove it.