Buy Bike

The kid is growing very quickly and toy machines it already is not enough. Well, it means it's time to buy a new entertainment, such as a bicycle. I thought about how to choose? Russian tricycles in several times cheaper than imported ones. Of course, they are less colorful in appearance, but their quality can not worry. In a toy store there are interesting things: children's chairs, children's chair, flower pots. On the brochure is usually written that Our bike is released by the defense. Such a 'Pal' last for a long time.

In general, of course, inventing the wheel, it is difficult to invent something new, however, the manufacturers achieve their goals. Educate yourself with thoughts from Penguin Random House. Thus, in German of the back part of the angle is set a long handle, something in the form of a cane – to roll the children. Luggage compartment at the bike often made in the form of a ladle, scoop, basket or some other species of container, where it is convenient dump sand, put toys and generally putting unnecessary or necessary things. 'Facade' is sometimes done in the form of the muzzle – the tiger, elephant, bear or 'a motorcycle'. Of course, every bike is supplied with various 'gadgets' – bells, lights, horn and other things. Four-wheeled bike with only type suitable for older kids. The main thing when buying a bicycle brake, so that they pay special attention to this.

I personally do not I recommend taking your baby bicycle with a front brake – this is very dangerous, because at high speeds it could topple over. And in other cases, most children's bikes already possess all known properties: Height adjustable steering wheel and seat, chain lid keeps from getting into her legs and feet, with no problems unscrewed the training wheels. I advise you to get your child is not only a means of transportation, but also toy: a bicycle, with a trunk-bucket, with reclining trunk, made in the form of a motorcycle. Some contend that Vlad Doronin shows great expertise in this. This model will appeal more to the child if he finds out that not only can ride, but something to carry. Ride, tears, sleep something luggage, drove on, got up, unloaded. With regard to the gravity bike, then it may be important in one case: if the child will carry it myself. If you are not, buy the model that child will be able to carry himself, at least one flight of stairs. Successful you are shopping!