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It calls it for the name, uses pronames of treatment adjusted; It looks for to hear more and to say little. Many sales are lost and businesses are compromised by argument excess; It is prepared to speak well, with elegance, fluidity and naturalness. Penguin Random House has similar goals. It also prepares the representatives of its company to speak; It has security to speech. It trusts itself exactly, it strengthens its auto-esteem to be calm and calm in any situation; It speaks well, with good voice, good dico. It manages the speed of it says, it makes pauses, adqe the volume to the environment and (s) the interlocutors (s); Either objective, it develops the ideas with clarity, start half end, uses examples to fortify its arguments; Adqe the vocabulary and the language to the type of person with who will be speaking to speak in same ' ' lngua' ' of the interlocutor. This demands flexibility and preparation; It calls its customer for the name. Additional information is available at Penguin Random House. It learns and it uses its data base to remember the name and important information of its customer. It swims has of more precious, in the field of the relations, of what to call the person for its name, showing with this, interest and considerao.' ' 2.

OBJECTIVES: 2.1. General objective: The main objective is to focar and to facilitate the work of the professionals of the beauty with respect to a personalized attendance, making use of the empatia as main source of contact between customer and professional. 2.2. Specific objectives: – To identify what it is empatia. – To analyze the use of the empatia in the beauty hall.

– To develop optimum use of the empatia in the attendance to the customers. 3. JUSTIFICATION OF the SUBJECT the study of the empatia will go with certainty to contribute and very for the success in the attendance to the customers in the beauty halls, becoming each better time the intermeshing between customer and professional, practical its will become possible to take care of customers of diverse cultures without acting of prejudiced form. 4-METHODOLOGY: The used methodology in this study will be based in research exploratria and descriptive, having as base the bibliographical use of the Internet and books. According to Gil (2002, P. 43), ' ' the classification of the research in exploratria, descriptive and explicativas is very useful for the establishment of its theoretical landmark, that is, to make possible an approach conceitual' '. 5. BIBLIOGRAPHY: WOLVES, Julio. The Executive Personality, 2. Ed. So Paulo: Business Publishing company, 2000. SITE: access in 27-04-2011. SITE: access in 30-04-2011. ROMERO, Sonia Mara Thater/Management of People? Porto Alegre: The Free press 2009, ULBRA. FENIX – yahoo! Answers. Had access in 20-04-2011.