Business Management

However, it seems to be to a simple equation, a side the resources and another one the given services. But not it is well thus. Already the mention of that starts to be current voice the necessary public health more than management of what financial resource. I believe that it is truth, but, he is truer to say that both are necessary and still insufficient. That is, the financial resource is scarce and the management is devoid of better structure. But, of which structure we are speaking to improve the management? In first place we have that to relembrar the characteristics of the public administration, of patrimonialista profile that great part of century XX dominated and the managemental administration who passed if to evidence in the last decade of this century and took greater ratio in the first period of ten days of century XXI. Although to meet in full process of change amongst the mentioned models, still has a great influence of the first one, that it is characterized for the concern in taking care of of the common wealth, identified as the well bigger PSEUDO of the population, in detriment to the PUBLIC service, that one that the STATE has obligation to assure the citizens.

The proposal of the reform of the state, emphasized in the decade of 1990, brings another vision on what it means to manage the essential service to the population well. The great change is in transforming the vision of the state on what it was important for the state for what it is essential to the society. To the citizen it is important to recognize the public service as its right. Moreover, it continues being its right that this service provides effective access to it and either in what it needs. Thus, to the citizen who needs an attendance of emergency in health, it is essential that the state is capable to fulfill with the commitment of offering to this service with rapidity and effectiveness to it. For this she is necessary that the management assumes different profile of that one until today practised by the state, that is, where the state pass to be ' ' garantidor' ' or ' ' fiador' ' of the citizen, more than what the executor.

He does not matter to who is charged the execution of the service, matters yes that the state either capable to assure that the service either given with been quality and the proper one are enabled to survey, to control and to monitor. Therefore, these are the premises for the good control of the resources. A state prepared for ' ' to be competente' ' if to use of all the available resources, they of public or private property are. What it matters is the effectiveness. In the next insertion we will approach the aspetos that involve the gotten effectiveness and results, decurrent of a good management.