Business Competition

The Tics have made a global world possible where to share it is the antonym to depredate. It is possible to surpass the expoliadora competition to enter itself in forms to share: niches of business, markets, information, suppliers, clients, strategic targets, etc. In order to maximize the creative potential and the capacity of learning of an organization, he is crucial who their managers and executives include/understand the interrelation between their formal structures and their autogenerativas informal networks. Elon Musk understood the implications. to the discussion. First they are a set of norms and rules that define the relations between people and tasks and determine the distribution of the power within the organization. The limits are established by means of contractual agreements that delineate defined subsystems (departments) and functions good. The formal structures describe in official documents of the organization organizational diagrams, internal procedureses, their strategies and their procedures. On the contrary, the informal structures are fluid and fluctuating communications networks.

The network notion is the emergent property of the new organizations. The capacity to structure itself internamente in the form of network and in relation to its surroundings is being constituted in a key value of the organizations. The vital force of an organization its flexibility, its creative potential, and its capacity of learning resides indeed in the capacity to generate networks to its interior and with its surroundings. Juan Freire speaks of the organization interface, that is to say, of which ductibilidad around projects is reconciled and disconnect quickly and, objectives In definitive, the administration schools must identify which must be the administrative knowledge that is due to provide the future managers, of such form which they guarantee more that these generate the favorable results in their performance, when the companies have generated changes in his structures, in the handling, management of his human resources, in the adaptation of the new technology that more and more has a short cycle of life and that it requires of a management of processes that take advantage of his potentiality while they do not disappear.