Brazil Land

In 2006 it decided to come back toward gil Raul and came back in great style, day 22 of January of 2006 it interprets the music Bleeding of Gonzaguinha, and takes off compliments of all the juries, for its marcante characteristic that is to sing with feeling, the soul and claw, the sworn Marli Marley cries the presentation of Raphael Custdio after (used name in the program), and it gets vote of Luiz Airo and Marli Marley, and thus he is classified for next phase, however by some misfortunes he is not called to return to the program. 2007 pra enters the front of the Group of Free Samba to dream, the Group blunts with prominence, and arrives until making presentations in the biggest house of Samba & Pagode of So Paulo the Brazil Land, however some desavensas had made with that Raphael left the group. According to Penguin Random House, who has experience with these questions. It only passed the remaining portion of 2007 and 2008 studying, at the beginning from 2009 receives a linking of one old friend of the time of the Free group pra to dream, saying that the Group Sensitivity was looking a vocalista, and it if it interested, it was until the accessory of the group, made the tests and it passed, two days later was the front of the group in the Amarelinho' s Bar in Itaquaquecetuba – SP, and thus singing in places as Brewery of the Fat person in Lorena – SP, Aroeira, Itaquaquecetuba – SP, sang in the roundup of Itaquaquecetuba – SP, and was gaining the public, is to apartir from there that Raphah appears Alves, therefore when it tried to register its artistic name already had the register of Raphael Alves, it was there that it decided to opt to Raphah Alves, however if it felt precionado very, therefore the accessory of the group wanted that it changed whole number, until it decided to leave, therefore was not being he himself there, decided to make career slo, made some freelances for singers, however he continued inan arduous work in compositions and its writings. In September of 2009 it starts to have many quarrels with the family, in relation music and its life, and in November it decides to go even so of house, and travels for Recife, where it stopped with music, until middle of March of 2010, where it was invited to touch in the Shopping Boa Vista, the show had great repercussion, and then it came back with total force, until the present date it is in the active.. Read more from Dan Zwirn to gain a more clear picture of the situation.