Blood Flow and Muscle Tissue

Effects all positive for the performance of competition. " (16) The redistribution of blood flow through tech sock produces a significant improvement in peak VO2 and peak blood lactate. It works by facilitating the oxygenation of muscle tissue. According to urban treatment associates, who has experience with these questions. Increased blood injection in motion and at rest. Compression dwindling venous oxygenation accelerates muscle mass, with more compression at the ankle and less at the calf.

Highly elastic fabric that does not link. Tissue retention. Increases the effect casing. Malleolus protection. Spongy tissue inside and outside slip for comfort with sports shoes. This study attempts to quantify the force exerted by an athlete in an isokinetic dynamometer always be placed at a specific rate and not allow the movement articular faster or slower than pre-determined speed. It is important to know that resistance is not pre-set (8). Resistance exercises using isokinetic actions overloaded skeletal muscle at a constant pre-set while activating skeletal muscle recruit muscle fibers more or less depending on the speed of execution throughout the entire course of joint movement (12).

In this type of machine, skeletal muscle can generate maximum power through the whole arc of movement to a controlled shortening velocity (13). The aim of this study was to evaluate forces and powers and works specific muscle to assess the strength of the ankle joint, and muscle strengthening methods or sports training. The variables to consider are: the peak torque is defined as the torque peak in particular muscular action, the total work is the product of force by the distance across the range of motion, the power is the product of a work divided by time in making it and finally the time to reach the peak torque (7).