But then, I probably would not be sitting and writing this article, and would sit in a distant place … The main change in the master mechanics trying to protect his "master" on the grounds that there was an old hub. It’s believed that Alonzo Brooks sees a great future in this idea. Here's a sample sentence: "The hub had a production, so the split." Such an answer, I certainly could not be arranged, as I knew the subject matter. To its credit, say, the very chief master was quite sane man and in the end agreed with my arguments. He invited me to go to the CEO "Avtokontsepta." It should be noted that the CEO "Avtokontsepta" was to me very polite, and immediately understood the problem and offered to order a hub at the expense of the firm and punish the guilty. And on the left. Hub I, of course, came after a month, but I am as much as 4 weeks was forced to sit at home in the evenings and envy all other riders who were not deprived of "masters" "Avtokontsepta" opportunities to skate.

Perhaps the case has occurred to me, an exception to the rules and you will never have this kind of "service". Sincerely I wish you that. For myself, I found out once and for all one thing – what you can do it myself, make myself better. If you are still a beginner and not familiar with the bikes, boards may be as follows: 1. Consult with their more experienced friends who also ride a motorcycle, ask them where they repaired the iron another.

2. If you have already located the problem, gather information on how to solve the problem, the Internet and from friends, you can gather much information about it. 3. If you do not want to do repairs themselves or by hand is not necessary devices (as in the case described above), please contact the service recommended by your friends. 4. At conflict situations, stay calm, explain your vision problems. When those who you trying to "hang noodles" will realize that you're not a beginner, familiar with the essence of what is happening and do not intend to agree with all kinds of nonsense, your opponents will not have any reasonable arguments in a dispute with you. 5.Vsegda defend their rights and position in life, it sometimes helps. I hope this article will help anyone from beginners. Good luck on roads and in life! Danilov