Orthodox Christians call their offspring in the Sacrament of Baptism named in honor of the saint. There are three main reasons that influence the choice of name. The first – the child is born on the feast day saint in whose honor and anoint him. The second – in the family especially revered saint in his honor and name the baby. When the godparents come to church to baptize the child, the priest gives him the name of the saint whose feast day falls on the day of christening. Orthodox Christians are well aware that the Sacrament of Baptism with the name comes to them mate and defender in civilian life – a saint in whose honor they were called.

Therefore, the name day we are first and foremost honor our Guardian angel, go to church, partake of, and only then invite family and friends on holiday. Treated them to a festive meal. And accept gifts. Orthodox name Andrew. In Russia especially esteemed Andrew Bogoliubsky. Father Andrew Yuri Dolgoruky named in honor of his son Andrew. It is believed that Yuri Dolgoruky – the founder of Moscow. I looked him village of Moscow.

And he began to build. However, the speed he became Grand Duke. He should live in Kiev. Not accustomed to the prince started to leave it half way, so he entrust his son Andrew to finish construction of the fortress on the hill Borovitskiy. Prince with honor conferred on him by the father of the obligation.