betriebssystemuanbhangiges CRM with import interface FABI’s, software specialist from Bamberg, supports the sale and the service of the central customer file, FABI’s basic. Basic data from different databases in FABI’s contact management can be merged with the newly implemented import module. The Special: Import from any lists no special computer skills are necessary. An interface for Outlook comes with same. The import module is able to load data from different data sources. Data from different programs, distribution and list can be so merge and central place.

The import at different times allows to load any more data. Users with a central database in FABI’s basic. A predefined interface to Outlook is provided. All address information in Outlook are therefore for further processing in FABI’s basic for correspondence and contact management system available. Are no limits with regard to the structure of the data. Before importing a backup will automatically created. Thus, it is ensured that the damage is quickly to resolve problems. The mapping, the function that maps the columns of the import file to the columns of the target table, is stored for further imports.

This mapping can be used again and again for the import which simplifies the download of data. Other columns are necessary, a further mapping is applied. Formats such as tab-delimited, CSV, dbhercules-xml, XML format describing the tags at the beginning of the file are supported. Even data from other databases such as Oracle, DB2, mySQL, are imported. Thus, also the migration of data about this import module is possible.