Baby Car Seats

Child seats are not a luxury but a necessary and convenient thing. Children’s car seats save children from serious injury, while seat belts are intended only for adults. Child’s body requires a completely different approach to safety. In the children’s car seats are small passengers riding in the car safely and comfortably. Today there are many different car seats for children of different ages. For child seats available world standards: ECE R44/03, US Safety Standard FMVSS 213, NCAP, Extreme – Car Interior Temperature. In accordance with the weight of the child car seats for children are divided into categories.

Knowing a child’s weight, you can choose the most appropriate car seat. Group 0 + (up to 13 kg, up to 1.5 years). It seat-carrier, attached to the car of progress against the motion. The baby’s position – reclining, there are special internal straps. Group 0-1 (up to 18 kg, 6 months to 4 years). Fix and on the run, and counter-movement. There are also internal straps. Group 1 (9-18 kg, from 9 months to 4.5 years).

The chair is mounted on the direction of travel. There are internal straps. Group 2 (15-25 kg, 3 to 7 years). A child car seat strapped into a standard automobile seat belt. Group 2-3 (15-36 kg, 3 to 12 years). A child car seat in and fastened seat belt standard. Group 1-2-3 (9-36 kg, from 1 to 12 years). Universal child seat. Child under 4 years of internal belt fastened seat. Children older than recorded with a chair standard automobile seat belt. The design of child car seats can reliably protect the child during a collision. Car seat cushion and substantially reduces muscle strain when the child movement. Thus, in addition to safety, child car seat to be comfortable. For convenience, child car seats, but the weight and age, should be made of natural materials. Practical removable cover which is easy to wash. The form of the chair should “fit” to the curvature of the spine baby. nvestors often addresses the matter in his writings. No need to purchase child car seats “for growth.” Savings of this kind will affect the level of safety and comfort level for the child. These simple rules allow you to choose the right car seat to ride in the car with my parents for the baby was a happy journey.