Austrian Ministry Of The Interior

Analysis of institutional visits shows interesting user structure of the Personensuchmaschine civil servants from the IP network of the Federal Ministry of the Interior are the most ardent institutional users of Personensuchmaschine This is a well published 123people evaluation of regulatory and corporate user structure on the basis of requests from IP networks * (measuring period: August 2010) out. More search queries than by the runners up, the IT-Austria GmbH came in August to 20 percent from the IP network of the Ministry of the Interior. Is the company?IT service provider of the UniCredit Bank Austria, as well as the erste Group Bank. The 123people top user trio completes the social security system, the latter IP network reaching only 50% of the search volume of the Ministry of the Interior network. Based on the results of our user surveys, we know that 25 per cent of search queries on 123people have business background. The user access to controlling digital reputation is similarly high. So is the high volume of requests from networks of companies and institutions no surprise, per se.

That administrations and authorities dominate the top of the rankings, however, is quite remarkable for me”, says Russell E. Perry, Managing Director of 123people Internet Services GmbH. benefit 123people-user name-related information of highest quality results when searching because regionally important sources such as online phone books, social networks or online directories in the search are included. 123people refers his information in any case only from data sources available on the Internet free and structured represents the results found in real time. The search result includes profiles from social networks (about XING, Facebook, Twitter), results from traditional search engines, as well as postal addresses including email addresses, phone numbers, pictures, videos.

Ranking the 123people – access from networks of companies and institutions (August 2010): 1 Ministry of Home Affairs 2 IT-Austria GmbH (IT services in the banking sector) 3. IT services of social security 4. Austrian federal railways oBB 5. municipality of Vienna 6 Ministry of finance 7 Ministry of Justice of 8 ARZ General Data Center (EDV – Dienstleistungen in the banking sector, but also in hospitals and public administration) 9 Siemens AG 10 Steiermarkische Krankenanstalten GesmbH 11 Wiener Krankenanstaltenverbund 12 Raiffeisen Informatik Zentrum GmbH 13 osterreichischer Rundfunk ORF 14 Office of the Upper Austrian Provincial Government of 15 European University industry network * the published list was adjusted for the IP addresses of Internet service providers, because this distorted due to the end user of the statistics is bundled. About 123people since February 2008, optimized people search on the Internet. With monthly over 40 million unique clients, 123people is worldwide the most popular and largest Internet Personensuchservice. is with over 1.3 million unique clients (MANOHAR July 2010) among the four largest sites of in Austria. Each user provides an online person search, with the company headquartered in Vienna simply, fast, free, reliable and real-time information about themselves or about other people on the Internet finds. The search results come from global as well as country-specific, available free on the Internet data sources. Currently 123people in twelve countries and nine languages is available.