Atmospheric Pollutants

Any substance found in the atmosphere in a different ratio of a natural situation is considered as a pollutant atmospheric that not only presents problems for the population for immission of pollutants, next to the point to emission, but also in more distant zones for the effect of dispersion in air. The main urban sources of pollution are the automachine vehicles complemented by the industrials and the activities of restaurants and bars. The Municipal City hall of Victory fulfilling its objective of Municipal Politics of Environment established norms, criteria and standards of emissions of effluent and ambient quality that has for goals the control, the licensing, the monitoramento and the fiscalization of the polluting and degrading activities of the environmental resources of the City. For this the Environment Secretariat Half of Victory? SEMMAM, elaborated Instructions Techniques and Norms procedural to guide and to subsidize the entrepreneurs, in what it refers to the elaboration, implantation and implementation of studies and/or projects of ambient control. To facilitate to this procedure the city hall of Victory 001/2000 created the Instruction Technique n, in compliance with Federal legislation NBR 14.518/2000. 2? JUSTIFICATION Due the complexity of the subject, its understanding and the necessity of an aid technician for initial elaboration of a deeper study and its costs for implementation, appeared the necessity to create a practical script for the agreement of the procedure and funcionabilidade of the system of treatment of atmospheric emissions of the activities of Bars and Restaurants of the great Victory. The work will approach the necessary phases to the control of the emissions in question: captation, treatment and the disposal adjusted in the external environment preventing and diminishing the impacts to the environment and third (atmospheric, thermal and sonorous pollution), the described one in Municipal code of Environment of the city of Victory, Lei4.438/97.