AST Dreams

In many ancient traditions and spiritual practice of lucid dreaming is in second place after a day of meditation and exercise awareness. Skill to manage what is happening in a dream and moved to the daily reality. Dream within a dream. This so-called “effect of dolls.” Such dreams occur during learning lucid dreaming. Morgan Stanley follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Experiences, as if you have awakened and began to engage in their daily lives, when you “wake up” again, and all the repeats.

It is a kind of dream “Groundhog Day” in the browser. Dreams-up visits. This is a dream in which the interaction takes place with dead relatives or emotionally significant people of the past. Usually these dreams are important message. Incubated dreams.

This is a dream, an order to clarify any situation. Usually the intention to see this dream is built within a few days as a constant reminder of the need see sleeping on the same topic. May appeal to some with their personal assistants or guardians of dreams. Dreams-initiation. For example, the initiation of shamans. A special type of dream that is experienced by any esoteric initiation rituals of the past or even other dimensions. You may receive the sacred knowledge. Healing Dreams This technique is used to help the dreamer experienced myself in difficult moments of life or during disease. Since the dream, we are free from the constraints of the healing takes place more efficiently than in the daytime reality. Sometimes these dreams occur without specifically prostroennogo intentions, indicating that dreaming abilities of man. Joint dreams. Occur in people with high emotional and spiritual intimacy. Sometimes intentionally used a married couple or loved ones, to better understand the any situation. One part of the dream sees one, the second – the other, and that piece of information that can be hidden from one another is available. Also, in these dreams possible exchange of information between people who are far away from each other. Dreams of clarity. This is a special condition that occurs as a result of spiritual practice. When the state of consciousness is not interrupted by various distractions and becomes incessant, to be replaced dreams with images of the experience comes the clear light, the essence of which is extremely difficult to describe, but can be found in Tibetan texts.