Arctic Industry

50%. In forestry, light tractors are used for laying the winter houses, in the regeneration entrances or on the skid works (in the equipment instead of dozer blade is wedge-shaped winch equipment instead ripper put rope-choker snap or grab-pachkopodborschik). General requirements adopted for all the bulldozers working in the industry, implies a cab with rops and the protection of climate, although in some cases allowed the use of models without cab (extreme working conditions, where the operator will be at risk of being in a closed cockpit – Arctic tundra, mountains, etc.). In forestry, and mining cabin must conform to the protection of fops. Average category assigned to the category average bulldozer-loosening assembly of the working masses from 10 to 30 tons and a capacity of between 100 300 horsepower, and this group remains the most popular tractors. Average bulldozers are designed to perform a wide range of earthworks on the ground I. iv categories, including on grounds of seasonal freezing, and fractured rocks, industrial, hydraulic engineering, road construction, land reclamation and mining industry.

Producers in domestic tractor major producers of industrial bulldozers middle category are jsc "CTZ-Uraltrac and Promtractor. Their cars in different models are designed to operate in cold, temperate and tropical climates. oao "Chelyabinsk Tractor-Uraltrac in the middle category bulldozers produces two basic types of classes 10 and 15. In recent years, Chelyabinsk mechanical engineers spent upgrading and have changed encoding machines. Now bulldozers ctz remain the most popular in the cis market not only because of its versatility and universality, but also a number of modifications (swamp tractor for forest industry loaders, pipe layers).