Antifreeze Liquid

Every car owner hopes his car will serve him faithfully for a long time. As proven practice one hopes not, and without regular inspection and replacement of oil and other vitally important for your car Liquids simply can not do. Vosnovnom we pay vnimanielish quality oil in the engine and tried from time to time, depending on the number of kilometers to replace him, but on the other, not so important for We believe we are liquids, for some reason zapamyatyvaem. Therefore not surprising that Russian drivers are very fast way to make new car in an old and ugly. Allows for a fresh look at the need for cars of that or any other liquid arrival of frosts. Here, for example, non-freezing windshield fluid. In the summer most of us do not pay attention to her level, not to mention the concentration.

If you even look at tank, it's usually an examination to fill the ends of the tank for windshield fluid tap water from the tap. Therefore, there is nothing , when the arrival of frost, pushing the handle windshield, hoping to see a stream of washer fluid, we answer only to hear unpleasant gurgling supply pump windshield fluid. You can guess the cause of this problem is the low concentration of windshield fluid. Therefore, if you Summer arrived this way given above, I recommend not to risk – the old should be drained, you can use it next summer and a new fill. Save at the same time and dilute the concentrated washer with distilled water to a greater proportion than recommended by the manufacturer does not recommend – for liquid saving on repairing and replacing sediment spend more. Otherwise, since the beginning of the first frost your pump washer fluid one goes down, as well as when the movement of more than 60 km / h in a tank washer fluid, even at zero temperature will immediately freeze the glass car. I would like to draw your Consider the following – manufacturers washer fluid on the canister usually indicate the lowest temperature, ie night. When printed on the package temperature washer fluid is beginning to move in crystal-like state, that is freezing. When the air temperature by 5-10 above mentioned figures windshield fluid takes gelled. For this reason, if the air temperature in cold weather is not falls below the minus 20 degrees, should be designed for temperatures of 10-15 degrees below normal, that is, -30-35 C.