Andrew Corentt

You don’t have a fixed North. To help this person who has this level of self-esteem you need to first encourage so you have greater Security on himself. After the incentive that person gradually begins to create a self image of the successful type, the invincible man, that no matter what happens in his life he or she will be successful (a). After that the individual creates this image of successful car begins to rise in regards to the pyramid of self-esteem (created a self assessment, acceptance, auto respect to finally get to self-esteem), until it reaches the stop. By contrast the individual having high self-esteem is sure of himself takes its own decisions is not influencing their decisions of others, takes steps to success increasingly, he doesn’t mind being wrong, only supports it and amendment because there is no error that does not have its solution for him.

A man or woman who has high self-esteem that can, will always be successful in what is developed, will not have fear of challenges and it may entrust him any work which will perform above expectations of his superior. Improve the self-esteem of others is one of the functions of the leaders, bosses, and anyone that is at the forefront of any team. True self-esteem, however, should be built by the same individual. A person who aspire to wealth, success and happiness can not be depending on others. Anyone who wishes to find her true self esteem must develop their own personal power to achieve all the goals proposed. If you are one of those people who wants to develop its true potential, I recommend that you read the book the power to transform our lives, Andrew Corentt. There you will find the foundations of the true power and true personal esteem.