Andean State

The lack of analytical capacity of the new generations that were born or lived in democracy, allowed that Hugo Chavez taking advantage of the fragility of the Bolivian system, sought a compliant agitator that with unlimited funds, managed to convince a portion of the population that had solutions to problems, caused mostly by himself. The Bolivian crossroads has reached the most critical point of its history. Indifference is going to Socialist nationalism. Hitler took 20 years to get to power, proclaiming their complexes that were transformed into irrational hatred and philosophical basis of his regime, discurseando in the breweries of Germany. The Germans knew what was said to be fooled and however voted for him.

In Bolivia for six consecutive years, Evo Morales disrupted social peace and aired his resentment toward the middle class, whites, mestizos and the inhabitants of the regions with indigenous minority, fuelling resentment asleep. Despite its declared threats, he obtained majority with the votes of those who want to press or annihilate. Madness, idiocy, suicide? Some of all three. nvestors takes a slightly different approach. The country is heading towards the totalitarian imposition with exacerbated racist content, which serves as an excuse to find guilty of everything and for everything. The end of Bolivia as a nation is almost inevitable. If not are Bolivians who achieve defend against governmental arbitrariness, they will have to intervene its neighbours, which are affected by the madness that are made in the heart of South America. The cause of this new and perhaps final chapter of Bolivian history is Hugo Chavez, who with his oversized ego and paranoid reasoning is using the Andean State as test probe to cause reckless changes on the continent.