The biological evidence using DNA analysis have emerged as a tremendously effective instrument, in more than 99% of cases, for the analysis of biological relationships among individuals, being used especially when raised doubts about the paternity of children. In addition to those cases where it is the mother who alleges that the alleged paternity of a particular male; There are other cases that could arise to him doubts a man about the same with respect to their children, emerging so these tests in both cases as a way to dispel such unknowns. We focus on the second of the assumptions, the circumstances of a particular relationship could be made that arise to male reasonable questions about its biological link with his supposed son, feeling great anguish and anxiety and I wishing to clarify the issue as soon as possible. In other words, you could have a reasonable doubt about the alleged infidelity of your partner. Even the fact of having knowledge about a current adventure of the couple could sow doubt about the children already older, with the following thought: if I had been cheating now, could well be doing so also previously. How could they be conducted these tests? Logically, for his only accomplishment would be necessary samples of some kind of father and son (for example, a hair, or a piece of fingernail), it would be very simple that the own parent made them discreetly and without involving them to him or his mother.

As it is obvious, face eventual legal proceedings these DNA tests results wouldn’t have any validity, but would serve as via preliminary to determine whether in fact there is or not a biological link with the supposed son. In addition, they would avoid this end up take to court an allegation without foundation about his paternity on the son, with the traumatic thing that could result for the whole family. When presented before the courts the complaint about the absence of paternal relationship subsidiary, These ordenarian a legal paternity test. Its methodology and its way of realization have a greater degree of rigour and firmness in such way that you could avoid its possible manipulation. In any case, should consider when requesting publicly carrying out the same possible fracture that it could cause not only face your partner, but in your relations with this or these children upon whose paternity doubts. On many occasions, while arise doubts about such biological linkage, the person feels so much father of their children that one ends up passing into the background. Thus, you should very carefully consider all your options and not act impulsively and without due reflection. Otherwise you may end up regretting it.