I could give you the consecrated bread, if your men have abstained for at least being with women. David said: I assure you, as is usual when we go on an expedition, we had contact with women. In addition, my men are enshrined even in ordinary expeditions, so with more reason are enshrined now. "1 Samuel 21, 1-15 can count the lies: 1 – He said he was by King, 2 – said the order was of such importance that no one should know, 3 – said he was accompanied by several men loyal to the king, 4 – said they had not been with women. 5 – also added a "Napa" meant that the priest committed sin by giving the consecrated bread, the loaves of proposition, he could not give way, and that David could not eat and fun to tip lies like that! Enhancement that a true record of lies and deceit in just six verses! But this was not the worst because bad as this story came later when Saul was told by one of its faithful who witnessed everything, and ordered his troops to move to Nob. Let it be the very Scripture that tell us this abomination: "Tie the time came, Ahimelech ! replied the king. AY not only you but your whole family! Immediately the king ordered the guards who accompanied him: Amato priests of the Lord, that they too have sided with David! They knew he was fleeing, yet did not tell me. .