Administrative Problem

For every human problem there is always a solution easy, clear, plausible, and wrong. Henry-Louis Mencken management constantly is dealing with challenges that generates it some administrative problem that manifests itself in the bosom of the company under their charge and the necessary attention should be paid so that thereby not affecting organizational climate, therefore, the expected behavior of the company towards its objectives, goals, mission proposed reach. There are many companies that are affected in its operation, for not being attentive when manifests any conflict involving human resources, to the dynamics of groups, individuals, reflected in an unproductive, discontent, performance and motivation. Since then, the companies can give way to administrative problems that may arise as a result of the impact of external variables affecting organizational behavior, such as the State, which through its laws, actions, measures, affect the operation of the company, as it happens currently in the country, where companies have felt the effects damaging to many, until the end, that some (SMEs) have ceased operations or simply, their productivity is very low. All this, as a result of the measures economic, tax, exchange control that are occurring. As well as also, participation on the national stage, product of globalisation, of the foreign companies that offer their products and services, with more quality and at prices few competitive. Also, you can give the problem administrative, as a consequence of the internal organization of functionality, which involves from the leadership, authority, functions, performance, technology definitely, that a common administrative problem, consists of changes that can be generated within an organization and of which modern management can not secede from the same, since many times, if these is not given due attentionmay lead to large conflict within an organization. The problems that can lead to conflict within an organization are: technological changes size reduction charges with functions, ill-defined performances dismissal mergers modifications lack of communication, etc.