Time is scarce more and more. If you ask a group of chiefs is their most pressing problem at work, will have to say the day has no enough hours or there is too much to do and there is not enough time to do everything. Not surprisingly then, given the pressures of life in enterprises, which many heads leave their days to drain them of their hands and lose sight of the most extensive panorama under the pressure of the daily demands and constant interruptions. Time is a resource, but a resource type very different to those who are accustomed to be treated; not so we can buy, rent, sell, lend, borrow, save, save, multiply, manufacture, modify or change. The only thing we can do with it is spend it; However, focused to find better ways of spending it or use it.

There is no way to save time; the only thing we can do is: use it. All people to our around speaks to save time. When we say that we’re saving time, we usually mean that we’ll use less time in some task in particular; but this time saved can’t be stored in the Bank or save to spend it in the future. All time is time real, must spend or use in this time, Parkinson’s law says that work expands to fill the time available for its achievement. This means that the desired to save time benefits can disappear before one realizes. We must stop thinking about how to save time; Instead, we must see how to use our time more PRODUCTIVELY. Remember: the only way in which we can better manage our time is spent usefully; The time is free, inflation has no effect on him, nor inflates or deflates.

It is not subject to depression, recession or boom. Time is the only aspect of our life which we all are truly equal. All receive exactly the same amount every day. We are beings made of time, we are immersed in it: the conception of our life melts in its definition and in the inevitability of progress. Each culture has molding the vision of the universe from the story of the life of man. For the old time was measured by the movement of the stars in the sky, motion and inertia: decipher God’s face. Natural cycles announcing time (year and day), and imposing steps and required restarts. A few years later could work we know that the Sun is moving towards the constellation Lyra 17 km. / second (482 million Km. Each year), that Earth moves around the Sun 30,000 meters/seconds, which we move on our shaft and move forward with the solar system at a speed of 300,000 meters/seconds time does not have an existence independent of the order of the events by which we measure it. Alberto Einstein. For more information on this topic or topics related to the administration of the time visit our website: visit also and register, so that you can take advantage of a super discount or take a gift voucher for your first purchase of any of our eBooks.