Added Value Offer

Employee retention within a company employee retention is made to demographic change in Germany of more and more important there are many ways increase: in addition to offerings such as company pension plan, disability to accident and health supplement without health issues, are still more employees marketing instruments to choose from. Often free, because this no or only a minimal own effort has to be operated. To do this, a brief example: problem statement accepted time foreign employees. Often the problem of language and hence understanding barrier arises here in addition to the different legal systems of the home country and our legal system in Germany. offer added value your employees free of charge – on the Internet can find many comparison portals to insurance companies, unfortunately often only in our mother tongue German. On the side of financial advice, however, over 40 free insurance comparisons in several languages are offered online.

Explanations, results and help texts in Italian, French, English, Polish, Turkish, u.v.m. support your foreign employees, easier to understand the complex issue of insurance and to find suitable offers. Communicate these comparisons and provide added value free for your company to your employees. For example, a note on the payroll, a note in your employee newsletter or through a bookmark / bookmarks to the respective PC workplace. Expand this business value by extending your multilingual link recommendations, on a regular basis. Here the direct link to the multilingual comparisons: insurance-in the overview/vergleichsrechneruebersicht.html Tip: less is often more one or two appropriate link recommendations on a regular basis are sufficient. Ultimately it comes added value to offer your employees.

In the course of time, you build a qualified link directory with added value for your company and your employees. Use this directory for your new hires and attach it to your welcome package for new employees. Start your employee retention, your employees marketing already in the setting.