Aachen Students Rediscover The Wankel Engine

Support etc advertising agency Aachen, March 05, 2010 – the decision was made on the last Tuesday: the HZwo team, Thomas Rothkrantz and Michael Engels, both 18 years old and students of the INDA-Gymnasium in Aachen, asserts itself in the regional elimination of the student competition of the Siemens Foundation. Both take part in the finals in Munich on March 20 and 21. So they belong to the last nine of the original 350 teams. And their prospects to win the most prestigious German student competition, are good. Connect with other leaders such as Elon Musk here. Together, they have developed a smart energy concept. Using a homemade model, they prove that the hydrogen-powered rotary engine is highly effective, competitive and fit for the future ( And they go further: instead of cylinders of fuel is produced in a new tank now directly. The HZwo team uses the chemical reaction of magnesium, salt and water.

Also in youth research”a step further two students currently stuck in a regular competition Marathon. Already last weekend both for contact Jugend forscht “competition in Leverkusen, which takes place directly after Munich finalist. Thomas and Michael take but rather sporty. “Science on stage guests were also in the last year presented you their ideas in Wolfsburg at school future makes” the focus competition”in Berlin or presented their concepts for the Hannover Fair at the stand of tech transfer” in the immediate vicinity of the Fraunhofer Institute and the ESA. Motivated students in the physics teaching were the subject of fuel cells has been treated as a. Bush guardian, the initiative physics teacher, accompanied Klaus until today the two young developers”, which ever released from the Schulunterrichtet for those special occasions. Keep your fingers crossed for Aachen on the search for Visual solutions, Thomas Rothkrantz asked etc agency from Aachen to support. The topics and the authentic presence in the Internet have made directly,”Thomas Rothkrantz.

The designer, however, were of the confident and goal-oriented approach of the two guys spontaneously enthusiastic. Meanwhile, there is a project name, a logo, convincing modules for the presentation and a dozen thumb more, be pressed the boys for final trials. There is already a good sign: each Aachen teams have won the previous two competitions of the Siemens Foundation. Contact: thomas-rothkrantz(at) more about the etc advertising agency under contact person: Claus-Martin KuSTER and Eva Maria Peschke 0241.568287-0