New Work

But over time, the new generation only remembered the warnings and the consequences of these warnings were forgotten. Let us consider the most common "commandments" that each of us played at least once: "Do not blind the salt, otherwise it would be a scandal," yes, in our nation's history there were periods when salt was more valuable. It came even to the point that people ill from lack of salt. Indeed, anyone who spilled salt in such a difficult time, just waiting for a big scandal. But today, when the salt is 33 kopecks per kilo and it very much, so should we respond to sprinkled 20 grams of salt? And as if living workers in the enterprise, which is packed and sell the salt? They have, according to this "commandment" continuous problem, as they throw it with shovels, pour a bag of bags, packed in a box …

"Do not whistle indoors – no money": the relevance of this caution is rooted in a time when people had to work hard to earn a living. Earn it was not so easy for this took a lot of time and effort. And the man who whistled in the premises, had at this time because it did not work and therefore could not provide themselves. To paraphrase a warning as follows: "He did not work, has time to rest and, accordingly, he did not work. " But today, society has reached a certain level of development at which time everyone has normalized and weekends.

ABC Attribute

This system presents as basic methodology the search of the beginning of the cause/action, that is, looks for to define the form clear, by means of tracking, the .causing agent of the cost, for it to impute the value. The idea is to attribute the costs previously to the activities and later to attribute costs of the activities to the products. Being thus, first the tracking of the costs becomes that each activity caused, attributing these costs to them, and later they are verified as the final carriers of costs had consumed services of the activities, attributing to them the definite costs. Eller (2000, p.82), ' ' custeio Based on Activities has left of the premise of that the diverse developed activities generate costs and that the products consume these atividades' '. According to Martins (2003, p.96) to attribute costs to the activities and to the products they are used of direcionadores. Martins (2003, p.96) teaches despite ' ' it has that to distinguish two types of direcionador: direcionador of costs of resources, and the direcionadores of costs of atividades' '. still the supramentioned author affirming that ' ' the first one identifies the way as the activities consume resources and serve to defray atividades' '.

that ' ' as it identifies way as the products consumes activities and serves to defray produtos' '. For Nakagawa (2001, p.42), the activity is ' ' a process that combines, of adjusted form, people, technologies, materials, methods and its environment, having as objective the production of produtos' '. Thus for the study of the ABC method it must be pondered on the involved activities in each process of production, either of a merchandise or a service. IMPORTANCE AND USE OF the ABC the importance that if of to the use of the system of ABC expenditure is in virtue of the same not being only one system that of the value to the supplies, but also provides managemental information that assist the decision borrowers, as for example, the costs of the activities, that they provide to the managers to attribute to responsibilities the responsible ones for the same ones.

The Temperature

Metal pipes also have restrictions on the temperature and pressure, and grow old quickly at elevated temperatures, are afraid of direct sunlight, and can also be split. All tubes with the use of polymers have a limited lifespan, and pipe breaks lead to the need of repair, and well, if only pipelines. Often refer to the widespread use of plastics in the West, but we tend to forget that the coolant temperature there is much less (below 80 C), rather than 90-95 C, as we have. Brian Kzanich spoke with conviction. The best choice – it's copper pipes that are not afraid of high pressures (greater than 200 atm), temperatures (1000 C), corrode like iron, are not afraid of direct sunlight, do not allow oxygen, keep their shape, are easy to install and have a good appearance. Capital One Financial Corp.: the source for more info. The price of copper wiring, is often less than the plastic, due to cheap fittings, and service life of such a system is not limited.

Must be borne in mind that excessive water consumption leads to accelerated corrosion of pipes, and too little in the deposition of sediment in the pipes. To avoid this necessary to adjust the costs by balancing valves. Radiators. Today offers many types of radiators. When buying a radiator is absolutely necessary to take account of their rated power and size. Importantly know well, for what conditions specified nominal power. For example, you need a heat sink capacity of 1500 watts (which can be estimated from the heat loss of 60-100 W per square meter), the temperature of the supplied hot water in the radiator – 80 C, leaving – 60 C (these data can be obtained from the designer or supplier of the boiler).


The neuroendcrino level says respect to the effect of the adrenalin, noradrenalina, glucagon, anti-diurtico hormone and cortisol. In the visceral plan the anxiety on account runs of Sistema Nervoso Autnomo (SNA), which reacts if exciting the organism in the alarm reaction (system simpticoto) or relaxing (vagal system) in the exhaustion phase. Cognitivamente the manifest Anxiety if for two ackward feelings: 1-through the conscience of physiological sensations of sudorese, autossmicos palpitation, fidget and other symptoms (of the independent nervous system); 2-through the conscience being nervous or rightened. As Shinohara (2001) the anxiety that before was adaptativo mechanism ahead of true perigos becomes inadequate if used for false alarms and if used in great frequency.

The anxiety symptoms, these that they reflect in the functioning of the fear in the brain – in the attempt to deal with difficult situations – inapropriadamente generate in excess and threats in reply the generally harmless situations. For Barlow and Durand (2008), theoretically difference between fear and anxiety exists. Being that this last one is characterized by a state of mood guided for the future, that is, to foresee and to control the events that are for coming. Already the fear is an immediate emotional reaction for the current danger, with action trend escapes. As et describes Shinohara al. (2001), it is of utmost importance to answer with anxiety the determined threatening situations, the one that if it relates to the considered anxiety normal. However, when if it speaks of the abnormal or pathological anxiety, an inadequate reply is treated if the determined stimulaton, referring to its duration or intensity. In the present time, the anxiety is exerting a new paper, beyond being necessary for the sobrvivncia, comes if becoming something that runs away from the normality standards. What cause a concern each bigger time. The anxiety started to be object of riots when the human being placed it not it service of its survival, as it made before, but the service of its existence, with the ample fan of quantitative and qualitative circumstances of this existence.


But then, I probably would not be sitting and writing this article, and would sit in a distant place … The main change in the master mechanics trying to protect his "master" on the grounds that there was an old hub. It’s believed that Alonzo Brooks sees a great future in this idea. Here's a sample sentence: "The hub had a production, so the split." Such an answer, I certainly could not be arranged, as I knew the subject matter. To its credit, say, the very chief master was quite sane man and in the end agreed with my arguments. He invited me to go to the CEO "Avtokontsepta." It should be noted that the CEO "Avtokontsepta" was to me very polite, and immediately understood the problem and offered to order a hub at the expense of the firm and punish the guilty. And on the left. Hub I, of course, came after a month, but I am as much as 4 weeks was forced to sit at home in the evenings and envy all other riders who were not deprived of "masters" "Avtokontsepta" opportunities to skate.

Perhaps the case has occurred to me, an exception to the rules and you will never have this kind of "service". Sincerely I wish you that. For myself, I found out once and for all one thing – what you can do it myself, make myself better. If you are still a beginner and not familiar with the bikes, boards may be as follows: 1. Consult with their more experienced friends who also ride a motorcycle, ask them where they repaired the iron another.

2. If you have already located the problem, gather information on how to solve the problem, the Internet and from friends, you can gather much information about it. 3. If you do not want to do repairs themselves or by hand is not necessary devices (as in the case described above), please contact the service recommended by your friends. 4. At conflict situations, stay calm, explain your vision problems. When those who you trying to "hang noodles" will realize that you're not a beginner, familiar with the essence of what is happening and do not intend to agree with all kinds of nonsense, your opponents will not have any reasonable arguments in a dispute with you. 5.Vsegda defend their rights and position in life, it sometimes helps. I hope this article will help anyone from beginners. Good luck on roads and in life! Danilov


Determine geography of the site. To determine the region to be designed website. The task at first glance quite simple but do not underestimate the importance of selecting the region, which will be designed website. Selection of Regions directly affects the number of language versions of the site, as well as the budget and the complexity of the promotion. Step 5 – Determine the target audience of the site.

A very important step, based on the results of which will be developed Future of site design and style, of course, the content of the site. You should be very clearly identified the age structure and social status of the target audience. Step 6 – Analyze competitors’ sites. Necessary to study in detail and analyze the sites of direct competitors. The result should be a list of successful solutions implemented on the sites of competitors. Naturally, you should not copy the competitor’s site, but already in place and successfully employed the solution is not only possible but also necessary to take into service.

Just pay attention to the competitors used methods and techniques for site promotion. Step 7 – Presentation and analysis of the solutions in the subject area. After studying and analyzing sites of immediate competitors is acquainted with the decisions that are implemented on the sites of recognized world leaders in your industry. Of course, not all solutions used world leaders in your industry can prove to be relevant in your case, but perhaps with a little refinement, taking into account the characteristics of your organization, you will receive a new efficient solution. Step 8 – Development list of requirements for the site. Based on step 1, 6, 7 to develop the list of general requirements for the site. This step can be named interim at this stage should again be summarized and analyzed all information collected in process.

The Neurotic

Such people try to deal with the problems of vidadominando them. The type ' ' obtentor' ' , that certainly he is maisfreqente, waits that they give everything to it what it needs. The type ' ' evitante' ' , it tries not to be defeated pelosproblemas of the life preventing the proper problems. The type ' ' socially til' ' , the service is active dosoutros. These people face the tasks of the life and try in accordance with to decide them of consistent umamaneira the necessities of the other individuals. CREATIVE SELF the creative concept of self is the supreme accomplishment of theoretical Adlercomo of the personality. When it discovered the power that is, ainterpretao that makes of these experiences are the construction blocks, or emoutras words its attitude before the life, that determines its relacionamentocom the world externo’ ‘ (Adler). NEUROSIS Although its differences with Freud, Adler agreed that ossintomas neurotics are interpretable and basically defensive.

Aocontrrios of the individuals healthy, the neurotic rigidly supercompensates perceived asinferioridades. Its huge goals center noauto-enlargement e> in the personal interest, on the contrary of the social interest. The neurotic develops the symptoms as a protection contrao smashing sense of inferiority that is trying to prevent todesesperadamente. This incessant attempt to protect self of inferioridadese transforms into a circle vicious, therefore the lack of social interest quelevou to the problem also hinders its solution. The incapacity of the neurotic to deal with the problems takes davida it to create ' ' salvaguardas' '. These you safeguard are anlogasaos freudianos mechanisms of defense, but they serve to protect the neurotic dabaixa auto-esteem generated for the inferiority and the failure in the tasks had, not of the anxiety generated for a conflict between instintuais pulses moral eproibies. Adler described three general categories of safeguards: The excuses if relate to any attempt to prevent the guilt for the failures of the life.


Manifestations these that take the somatic answers, physiological and psychic. In accordance with Shinohara et al (2001): The anxiety involves cognitivas, physiological and mannering answers, with the protection objective. Being that the physiological answers stimulate to run away or to face. In such a way, the behavior has function of to inhibit any movement of risk in direction the escape or the defense, thus, the individual is felt rightened. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit COF. For Barlow and Durand (2008) the anxiety has a subjective direction of fidget that understands a set of behaviors as to seem worried and uneasy, or a physiological reply that has origin in the brain, that it reflects in the cardiac beatings and the muscular tension. However, as Nunes; Bueno and Nardi (2001), the physical standards of anxiety vary widely of individual for individual. This comes folloied for a diffuse, ackward sensation, of apprehension, and also for some physical sensations.

Still, valley to stand out that the basic difference between normal anxiety of the pathological anxiety, is that this last one in such a way paralyzes the individual, bringing, damage to well-being and the performance, not allowing the preparation to face threatening situations. Ahead of this, and possible to evidence that the anxiety started to be a riot when human being placed it not it service of its survival, but the service of its existence (BALLONE, 2005). This despertou the interest in searching to have more knowledge the respect, therefore the extreme anxiety also comes providing damages to the infantile development, beyond being a subject very intriguing and questioned at the moment. In such a way, the research aims at to analyze which the factors that are desencadeantes of the upheavals of anxiety in infancy. One perceives that it does not have many authors who approach this subject, in specific in infancy, but this cannot be disrespected, therefore is a problem that comes affecting the normal development of some children. You may want to visit Sarah Raskin to increase your knowledge.

The Expensive

The days if had passed and the skill of it did not move. He was the same ‘ ‘ oi’ ‘ of always, but it seemed me that now he had a different connotation in it. I felt that he was more cold, more distant, more formal. ‘ seemed one; ‘ oi’ ‘ of pure education, mere courtesy. It did not transmit plus that impression of invitation, of faceiri-ce, something said as soon as me, ‘ ‘ I have face, when is that you go to leave from above this wall? ‘ ‘ , invitation that I, in mine exaggerated shyness, did not obtain to face. But not difficult to discover reason of that one ‘ ‘ oi’ ‘ to have moved of direction.

Danadinha had arranged a boyfriend. Some days after the such poem vi to arrive I it of hands given with one face. the expensive age exactly my friend Joo. Two years later them if had married and I was to the marriage of them. After all, the Joo was my friend.

Reprogramei the fact. I recognized that it was more competent than I and ready. I never was to be crying pitangas for the cantos. We are not born to tread an only way, or to live of an only alternative. He is clearly that I was hurt one tempinho, after all I I am human, but later I stood out. Hurts are packs heavy excessively people to load it for the entire life. The time passed, they had disappeared of my world and I of the one of them. I moved of job, city, friends, values, beliefs, of almost everything, less of teams. Corintiano is perpetual corintiano. Some years later I also married and the life followed its course. The episode where I was Cirano de Bergerac was filed in one of the drawers deepest of my memory and I already nor remembered one day to have lived an experience of these. Some decades later we find in them in one sarau of poets of the city. He soon recognized it for narizinho arrebitado and the thick and round legs. They were inesquecveis and inconfundveis. I did not deceive myself when I imagined that it liked poetry. I did not only think that it also was of the branch. It was a pleasant surprise to know that it not only liked, but also wise person to make verses and to count histories. It was now a pretty and elegant lady, likeable and cultured, with beautiful interesting cases to count. We did not see in them has thirty years more than.