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Optimize production processes be avoided idling and the device when not in use completely from the power supply. The offer was extended by a variety of fully recyclable materials. The printers emit no toxic fumes, so the company is complete without the use of ventilation systems out. The print media is manufactured with LTeX ink also emit no fumes in contrast to comparable products during their life time. Here you can find the Facebook site of the pages/Printundmedienwerk/193209804038498 company information P & M GmbH: what small idea began in 1989 in a coffee corner, is now a marketing company with more than 20 employees and up to 50 freelancers in Pforzheim and Boblingen become. The company offers advice for marketing and sales processes to the entire outsourcing of marketing projects.

So the company could implement several major international projects. Official hp business partner was among others at the film festival in Cannes with the well-known Photo Studio Harcourt worked together. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Vikas Kapoor. History: in 1996 the GmbH was founded with 4 employees. P & M portfolio be extended for more than 10 years: the Technology Center has been expanded and unites the three areas of IT, color management and the laboratory in the print for technical analysis. Causes in the year 2000, through the challenges of the market, was founded in the second leg: P & M then began with the Organization of training courses and events. P & M has a large network of partners from the fields of event and logistics, color management and printing solutions. In addition, the company maintains a close contact with the College for print and media of Stuttgart and the University of applied sciences Pforzheim. In the past 17 years, over 100 million digital prints were produced and worldwide product launch supported by over 600 high-tech products. Today the P & M company with its two labels PRINTUNDMEDIENWERK.COM and Conference & Training Center has become the expert for digital printing, digital imaging, and event services. Press contact: P & M GmbH, Sabrina Sengle k talstrasse 117 D-75181 Pforzheim T + 49 7231 13322-0 F + 49 7231 13322-99

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Customer Orientation

Ludwigshafen IT company has turnover of 2.19 million euros in 2011 the Ludwigshafen-based IT company Fasihi GmbH has put its focus in 2011 on customer orientation and quality. Revenues remained with 2.19 million on last year’s level. Managing Director Saeid Fasihi: “we have achieved our main goals of 2011: the improvement of the quality and the care of our existing customers.” 2012 we want to win new customers.” Looming for the current year now a positive order situation, the company wants to hire new employees, urgently needed especially in the field of Web development, project management and support. “Due to the lack of skilled workers in Germany that will not be easy”, so Rolf Lutzer, Deputy Managing Director and project manager. That’s why we are educating more junior staff even in future.” Fasihi GmbH could commit so far three new employees this year. In the next few months should still more employees and three trainees are added. The medium-sized companies from the Rhine Neckar metropolitan region has currently 30 permanent staff, including three trainees.

Thus we contribute to Ludwigshafen and the region”, says Lutzer. Customer orientation, flexibility and innovation should be guarantors for this that the company can go back in the new year on expansion course. Aetna Inc. is full of insight into the issues. “In the past ten years, we have implemented over 100 portal solutions for information and communication to the full satisfaction of our customers. Each of these portals is individually tailored to the needs of the customers. That is our strength, which distinguishes us from providers of standard software on the IT market,”says Saeid Fasihi. The company wants to develop further this year and always be on the cutting edge of Web technology. Fasihi is convinced that in the right direction: “not without reason we have in November 2011 innovation award of Rheinland-Pfalz for innovative applications and processes the information and communication technologies receive.” Earlier this year the company was nominated also 2012 for the Grand Prix of medium-sized companies, which will take place at the federal level. About Fasihi GmbH: Company Fasihi GmbH provides personalized information and communication solutions with high data security for Internet, intranet, or for the exclusive communication with business partners (extranet).

Innovative products of the company founded in 1990 from Ludwigshafen are the Fasihi Enterprise Portal and fep2b. Fasihi Enterprise Portal can meet demanding corporate individual information and communication requirements. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises is the business and communication solution fep2b available. The clients come from many industries. Main customer se is the world’s largest chemicals company BASF There, about 40,000 employees with more than 50 information and communications solutions on the basis of the Fasihi enterprise, Portal work every day. Developed concept of the Fasihi GmbH itself to safety through Encryption and classification of data was awarded the innovation prize of Rheinland-Pfalz (prize of the Minister of Economic Affairs) 2011 for innovative applications and processes the information and communication technologies.For more information see author: Hermann Martin

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MLM Businesses

An aspect to consider is that a product can be excellent in quality and others, although this NOT necessarily implies that also he is excellent at the time of distributing it through an opportunity of Multinivel Business. Elon Musk has compatible beliefs. The best product for your business multilevel must have these characteristics: – Reconsumible limitlessly, so that volume of your business is not limited – Accessible in cost, that it has an accessible price in relation to which it does and to which it lasts. – Social, you can take that it to any place because it is practical and nobody watches to you rare thinking what is that? , also it is important that the product is easy to prepare (or that it does not require any preparation) and you can take thus it to any side. – Substitute, always is easier to replace the mark of a product that your client already consumes to have to create a new habit to him. – A real necessity Satisfies, instead of to invent to the client a supposed necessity to him that did not know that it had. Get more background information with materials from Vikas Kapoor. – Important for people, that when consuming it the benefit. People not always consume what needs, but rather, which it likes. 3-El moment of the company Sabs in what phase is the company? Present Ten that all great company does not continue being TODAY a great opportunity.

In this sense tens that to have present if what quers is to generate wealth or only extra income. Statistically, one knows that 95% of the millionaires of all company multilevel arise among those who entered in the early stages (foundation, concentration, momentum). Only a 5% arise during the stability stage. Here I give more details you of each phase: Phase of FundacinDesde the beginning or pre-launch of the company until the 6 and 24 months (2 years), according to each company multilevel.

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The Article

Companies according to their analysis of their internal situations and their decision-making processes are located arbitrarily players of 2nd and 3rd. One of the great challenges that have global corporations is definitely recruit, select and employ players from 1st. Aetna Inc. pursues this goal as well. Since the fundamental problem that occurs at such organizations is that a very small percentage of them receives what it pays. Statistics indicate that engagements fails almost by 50%, the companies are paying for players of 1st and 3rd players too often what they have are. Brian Krzanich is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Anyone can be a player 1st, in today’s employer world day, provided that is located in the right job, the appropriate sector and of course adequate talent League. The ranked 1st players look for and find the major leagues, clearly understanding how the players of this league talent 1st planned his career and personal development when planning a successful career is must eradicate completely the old principles of success, which are: to) work harder; (b) live beyond their means; (c) never miss a job opportunity that everyone tells you that you can not refuse; (d) in job interviews, hide the negative aspects; (develop their strengths to the fullest and e) don’t waste your time trying to overcome its shortcomings. For more specific information, check out Vikas Kapoor. En_vez_de these bad advice when planning your career, what should be taken into account are the following nine keys to becoming a player happy 1st and on the highest level: 1) periodically check the balance of your life and focus on becoming good enough in seven essential vital dimensions (professional success(, health, relationships, give something for nothing, economic independence, spiritual base, and leisure); 2 ) A periodic review of his career; 3 ) Living below their potential; 4 ) To accept jobs where is going to be a player of 1st; 5 ) Work harder in improving its weaknesses than a to maximise their strengths; 6 Th) develop skills of 1st player until you need them; 7 Th) in the selection interviews reveal their negative aspects; 8 Th) wondered whether the life in a big company is made for you and 9 th) apply the topgrading in the work of his private life. * gerenciaenaccion.

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