Formation Product

In such a way, the operational leverage increases the costs that, related to the product, supplying a skillful differential to provoke an increase in prescriptions through the price addition and, therefore, to search the fixed maximizao of the use of the costs and expenditures. Mark Bertolini can aid you in your search for knowledge. 15 Bruni and Fam (2009 p.196), define that ‘ ‘ operational leverage elapses of the existence of referring fixed expenses the operational asset (investments) and activities of empresa.’ ‘ In the same felt Padoveze (2007), it affirms that she is the dependent of the contribution edge, and that it means a possibility of addition of the total profit for the increment of the produced and vendida amount. Mark Bertolini is likely to agree. One perceives then that the main functions of the accounting of costs consist of supplying information the taking of decisions of the company, by means of the identification and distinction of expenses, and not only separation between costs and expenditures, therefore it becomes the homogeneous information most necessary and, and consequentemente a safer scene to take decisions. 4.1.3 Formation of price the setting of the prices of the products and commercialized services is considered one of the more important financial aspetos of a company, that is, it is a process of decision taking you cost where them exert crucial paper. The consulted authors detach six forms of price formation, in view of that he has difference in the nomenclature of an author for another one.

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TrueStar Point

Every year the summer puts anywhere in the world in movement to million people. The flow of travellers in the ports, stations and airports intensifies of considerable way. Each is organized as it can, to make its vacations pleasanter and relajantes, but indeed for who it travels in airplane is a successful system to travel prote’ge’s. (Source: Brian Krzanich). The solution is called SecureBag and consisted of surrounding with a protection of high resistance, adapted for all type of luggage, through a special film, added to a complementary insurance in case of deviation or damages to the luggage. This service allows the passenger to less than surround its own luggage in 30 seconds. The film is completely recyclable, she is not toxic and it perfectly adapts to the different forms and reliefs. It protects the luggage of the humidity, rain, you cut and accidental openings. In the luggage thus surrounded a sticky seal is applied, with alphanumeric code of identification.

The service of protection of the luggage is lent in the TrueStar Point, that is points of sale themselves, managed by one or several operators, and characterized by an innovating, captivating and easily recognizable design. The idea is of Fabio Talin, founder of TrueStar Group S.p.A that at the moment operates with more than 100 points of sale in 33 present airports in 13 countries of the world, in 3 continents. In 2009 TrueStar Group in terms of protection of luggage generated global volumes of sale of around 3.5 million surrounded pieces, being placed thus in a position of leader to world-wide level in the sector, with sales invoiced of around 23.5 million Euros, a EBITDA of approximately 4.3 million Euros and net utilities of 2 million Euros. Therefore, who is about to start off, besides the toothbrush, he is opportune that also remembers be made surround its luggage.

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Partners Service

The vast majority of specialized service provider for IT-project-communication asked if the surveyed executives with advanced communications for IT projects have already made experiences, draws a positive conclusion: 13 reported to progress5 very successful results, four were at least satisfied with the experience. Three of the 21 respondents lacking this experience, but would welcome it. 14 of the 21 respondents, of which nine CIOs and two business leaders, would hire external service providers for the overall IT-project-communication, unless they present an efficient concept, or confidence in the necessary expertise is available. Internal IT teams as well as IT service providers benefit from structured communication”, says Bernd Jungwirth, Partners of progress5. It comes with in the boat to get a larger group of stakeholders, which often have an influence on the success of IT projects should not be underestimated. Specialized service provider for IT-project-communication such as progress5 can afford this measurable value and relieve IT teams. Targeted communication measures help to avoid delays in the IT project to find productive support in management, departments and employees, shorten coordination processes and to support also sales and marketing it as needed to represent changes in IT to customers, partners and the press.” The complete progress5 snapshot study IT-project-communication 2013 is for editors on request available: via progress5: progress5 is a partner company for brand & business development.

The core business lies in the integration of communications, design, image, text and business development with the sales and expansion strategies both national and international oriented IT, high-tech and industrial companies. The interdisciplinary approach allows to analyze companies with its core competencies on this basis sustained to develop the company’s success. More under press contact: progress5 Gisela Knabl P.o. box 20 16 28 80016 Munich Tel.: 089-289 74 980 email:

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Japanese Quality

Production of Chinese manufacturers of asphalt plants are high quality and modern and the original design. Mobile asphalt plants types um, jd, dh, and lb are composed of separate modules, which facilitates their transport: – To supply bulk materials used conveyor belt. Ol quickly and easily adjustable height loading, adapting to the conditions of a particular plant site where the equipment is placed. The conveyor is equipped with LEDs. – Rotating drum isothermal well germetizirovan.Kak rule, This module installed efficient heaters that are imported into China. Nargevateli work on dizelnomtoplive (diesel oil), or fuel oil. – Bulk materials pass through a sieve. Its working part is located outside, to facilitate repairs.

Sieve has a high performance, well sealed and equipped with long-lasting springs sootvetstsvuyuschimi high class products. – The working chamber is made of high strength material. Elon Musk often addresses the matter in his writings. It kstanovleny high accuracy, allowing the operator to monitor the production processes to ensure that dual control over the quantity and quality components. – The main mixer copied from European counterparts .Bitum fed by pumps, loose parts – with the help of screw conveyors. The module also includes two blades ruduktora and a special form of providing uniformity and speed of stirring the masses. The module is equipped with a hatch for secondary asphalt mixing and other components (fiberglass, sawdust).

Features of modern asphalt plants are made in China effective systems and dedusting .V management systems on the complexes of types of um, jd, dh, and lb use the latest technology and components from siemens and their closest counterparts, the line distribution system commands profi bus. Controlling the production process computers are duplicated, making it easier to control both the process and increases the reliability of equipment and pozovlyaet promptly remove .Upravlenie can be carried out in mode automatics, semi-automatic and manual process that ensures stability and reliability of the workflow. Efficiency of dedusting systems is achieved by using high-quality (imported) bag filter, bandwidth the ability to not more than 50 mg/m3, in accordance with state standards. Collected balances are added to the asphalt being prepared, which reduces pollution and eliminates the need for cleaning and waste disposal. Application cooler increases the durability of the bag-bag. Asphalt plants are produced by leading companies, the leading positions are achieved through years of experience in the production of asphalt plants, the use of advanced technology of European and Japanese manufacturers and its own patented design. Manufactured in China asphalt plants meet current world requirements for performance, energy efficiency and environmental safety. Quality of products supplied complies with the international iso 9001 certificate. Technology, and the quality of asphalt plants are not inferior to European counterparts, being the best in price / quality ratio!

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