Etteilla Tarot

How the letters are read according to the Etteilla tarot the mallet of Etteilla tarot, as popular as discussed, it began to spread massively around the year of 1785. Like the controversial Aleister Crowley, its creator, the barber of French origin Jean Baptiste Alliete was based to create it in Egyptian laminae of tarot, oldest known until then (and until today). And although its distribution is the traditional one, with 22 arcane majors and 46 minors divided in 4 woods, the reading letters that are realised with him presents/displays some special particularitities. Alliete, that from the commercial success of its tarot modifici its name by the one of the Etteilla emblem, was the first tarotista in realising a difference between the meaning of a dignificada good deck and the one of a dignificada bad letter (invested). According to its defenders, because of its deep sensitivity and intuition to catch the type of energy that the letters canalize. According to its critics, to prevent that new tarotistas would aparcieran that could dispute the flourishing business to him.

The certain thing is that this distinction has become immensely popular and is today very habitual. Etteilla was a great student of geometry and the mathematical one, and is possible to think that certain particularitities of their distance of tarot can be based on calculations of that type. For example, the form in which the reading is realised, in completely inverse form to the traditional one, an extremely characteristic convention that until the most heterodox renovadores of the tarot they respect. The mallet of Etteilla is also the unique one whose arcane majors are divided in 3 groups. First, of 7 letters, it includes from the Crazy person to the Car.

One treats, for Etteilla, of the group related to the planes mystical and intellectual of that consult. In the second group, of 7 letters also, we found all the decks between Justice and the Templanza. They are the ones in charge to reflect the moral aspect of consults that them. The third group, finally, includes the 7 letters that go from the Devil to the World. The arcane ones, for Etteilla, of the relation with the planes physical and material. It is by outside these 3 groups the Magician, who in this frame refers fulfilled desires. Visionary or swindler? Wise person or capable retailer? The figure of Etteilla, 3 centuries later, still wide-awake controversies. But something is undeniable: it was without doubts a great diffuser of the map reading and the deck of tarot.

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Hall Paris

Renault us has kept awake the first data and images of its last concept to car, an electrical two-seater with central motor that will be one of great stars of the next Hall Paris. Without a doubt one of the beautiful cars but that one would wish to buy. The 2 of October, in ” Mondial” of the automobile, we will be able to see live first of a saga of models that represent the new language of design of the mark, imposed by Laurens go give Acker. The Dutch bet by an emotional, sensual and warm design; that it transmits passion and it reflects movement; something that already we saw in its previous stage in Mazda, Once again Laurens moves with his the models to us of cars. Brian Krzanich insists that this is the case. This automobile has more importance of the one than it seems, because concept to car is like the dresses that we see in the great footbridges of the fashion: nobody would put them to go out, but they mark the stylistic tendency of the future, with cuts, weaves and colors that of some way we will see reflected in the clothes ” comn”. In the same way, Renault assures that the lines frontal and back teachers of the DeZir will inspire the common identity of the future range of models of the mark. In its design, we can emphasize the doors type equivalent monoplane wings that have the characteristic of which the doors of each side abren in inverse form, that is that the doors of the conductor abren upwards and forwards whereas those of the companion they abren upwards and backwards, and their lines that besides giving a net sport style him also give a futurist aspect him.

Its interior also is totally futurist, with details that draw attention, like the seats that seem to be integrated to the body, and have an incredible aspect. The steering wheel, the instrument panel and the gearshift also are very showy and leave the common thing. Companies by Internet already estan seeing the way to be able to commercialize this beautiful car.

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Enterprise Quality

In the current world which speaks of competitiveness in all areas, it is prevailing work with quality to obtain success and survive the work demands. Credit: Mark Bertolini-2011. Although the term quality is always subjective, will depart from the will to commit themselves to meeting organizational objectives oriented to provide a service or product ideal. Quality demands individual and group commitment to plan, carry out, monitor both the individual activities as each process in which an organization is based. Is why we must get used to analyze our actions in the workplace to create a values-based environment, fellowship and humility; as well as work in equipment, constant training, leadership and collaboration. We insist that the basis of corporate quality, is the individual quality, therefore need to identify our skills and competences; task difficult, but necessary, since when the work to play is not within our competence, generates frustration and unwanted results. It is useful to resort to tools help in the achievement of an ideal professional location such as self-assessments and even professional psychological help.

The end is to develop us occupationally with confidence and security and be in constant preparation to achieve such maturity that allow us any submitted changes. But not everything is working life, in the same way that professionally, our participation in family and social groups require quality in each activity at our expense, in addition to considering that success or failure in any of the areas will affect individual and therefore performance of an entire company. It is important, for all the above, establish in our act daily the challenge of acting quality, surrender our will to achieve individual goals based on the professional and social success indirectly achieving business success. Original author and source of the article.

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Combat the description of mentalities: superficial and descriptive. B) To tie to study of the daily a explicativas totalities (***) Long duration yes! Inertia, immutability not! To share the shortness with the long duration. Source: CARDOSO, Ciro Flamarion and VAINFAS, Ronaldo (org.) Domnios de Histria: assays of theory and methodology. Rio De Janeiro; Campus, 1997, P. 141-46). (*) (M.V.) Volvelle admits that the analysis of the totality in one or another layer, Popular or the Elite, can become the reducionista historical study. (**) (M.V.) In short, in terms of collective representations, the man can more be evolved of what he assumed himself, considering its capacity.

(***) (M.V.) it is rejected idea of a passivity of the masses conservatives, or receiving the force, to an imposed message. (***) (M.V.) and (1) (J.G.). conjunctural history, that follows a slower rhythm; in depth, a structural history of long duration, that puts in cause the centuries, that is, nouvelle histoire. (2) (J.G.) exactly recognizing that the historiogrfica school the one that if filiava, the School of the Annales, did not give to relevance the biography, it was decided for publishing two books of ample public repercussion: The life of So Lus and another dedicated a San Francisco de Assis. (2) (J.G.) to erect one ‘ ‘ new type of histria’ ‘ come back the research to interdisciplinar, the valuation of exemplary problems, to the rescue of a history of the sensibilidades.

(3) (J.G.) The history of history if does not have to worry only about the professional production, but about all a set of phenomena that constitute the historical culture or, better, historical mentality of a time. FINAL CONSIDERAES Two personalities, two temperaments, two ways of boarding it man, harmonizing itself in a combination that made possible the franqueamento of the borders of history. The most important contribution of both, was to expand the field of history for diverse areas. The territory of history was extended, enclosing unexpected areas of the human behavior, being also associates with other sciences. This contribution to interdisciplinar remained sixty years, a phenomenon without precedents in the history of social sciences for more than. To finish, we are in it I wait of the appearance of 4 generation of the Annales. ‘ ‘ Without the conscience of modernity it would not have more differences and, then, it would not have more history, and until the not-differences, that is, the permanncias, would not be percebidas.’ ‘ (Le Goff) Edusc REFERENCES? Psychoanalysis and history of mentalities? Luiz Carlos Ucha Junqueira Son History? Voltaire Schilling? History of the Mentalities Wikipdia Apostila World-wide Historiogrfica Production Universid UNIVERSE. Salty of Oliveira the Positivismo, the Annales and New History – Angela Birardi, Glucia Rodrigues Castelani, Luiz Fernando B. Belatto () History of the Mentalities and Micron-history? Izac Evangelista ()

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