Portuguese Language

To the times if to see a young Of aspect in advance In the penxs is a doctor But it always lives drugged Say that this is advance Therefore to die itself will be rest Prefers to live tired. (SAINTS, 2006, p.4) the popular poet, Zez de Boquim, worked a real situation, that is the use of the drugs, to show through the direct language its consequences and the demoralization of the individual before the society, it he worked the way that it is inserted, the geographic space and its sequels. twine involves a diversity of formats to be enclosed in the methodologies of education of disciplines Portuguese Language in classroom, using the current subjects and of social matrix. The transversalidade of the Portuguese language can be boarded in two questions: the language as vehicle of representations, conceptions and the language with its partner-cultural value. In such a way, its attitude of instrumentation and social intervention in the criteria and metodolgicos principles in projects of studies and research.

If adjusted to the language in instances of the orality, one forms more competent treat in the relation between the interlocutors and the communicative intention. To establish the motivation in relation to this aspect of the popular culture and to all organize a process of application and stimulatons in aiming to the main factor, that is the presentation, recognition of the origin and enjoyment of the Twine Literature. The research revealed of utmost importance, in view of that the cultural values to be repassed in process of education and learning of curricular contents. The forms of preconception of speak do not have no rational recital, demand that the values and certainties of the sociolingstica are investigated. If related to the absence of knowledge and intolerncia of a speech with ideological dimension. Which relates the marks left in the context with its conditions of production, paradoxicalally serving of ideological formation.

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President Peron

I always knew that I was born in the wrong place and the wrong time. Just as some people have body of woman and feel like a man or vice versa, to my I was the same with the time and the place. I was lucky to be able to travel much and in every place that knew, investigating possibilities existed filing me there, no matter me much in fact, that country it was. But when I went back to my home, my family and friends had a power of attraction so great that made me forget my desires. Finally at age 60 I managed to leave Argentina and go to live in another country. It is not glad I let a country has as many own, besides being my own wealth. Geographically speaking, and am not going to make references to the familiar Iguassu Falls, or the beauty of the mountain ranges of Cordoba or the more popular Bariloche. From North to South and from East to West, each province has at least, a place that is worth being visited.

And I say at least because it is usually more than one. Etnologicamente speaking people in your most are cordial, friendly, sincere and honest. We cannot put in doubt in addition the average cultural level of its population, which is excellent. But, unfortunately with all these things that I appreciate very much, politicians and Ministers of economy coexist. Persons committing again and again not in years, but centuries, through the same mistakes that have led to it being a promise of world power to bankruptcy. When President Peron returned from exile to a new mandate, very wisely said that he was convinced that his Government had not been very good, but that, like all those who followed him had been worse, had managed to put yours in first level.

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Web Course

It must be carefully studied the course and view it at least one couple of times before starting to work. It has a super section of support that solves very quickly any questions that may be emerging us. We have to go by applying to the letter all the techniques we learn since but we will fail. All are tested so it is easier to follow them and not try to invent on the fly. You already advance that he takes time, money and effort, no is a course to win in four days, that does not exist anywhere, everything requires work, so in that sense I don’t want you to feel cheated. A fundamental point and that it ended up convincing me was to know the guarantee of 60 days of the course, after which return the money if it does not meet your expectations and without asking a single question. This minimized the risks of buying it. That if, do not try to make the move of acquiring knowledge and then return the course, as remember that you late or early to thee same thing can happen you.

Be consistent, and if affiliate Elite you reported a big profit think what you should always do is show it. You will notice like myself, that spending was worth and was insignificant in relation to the benefit. But Let’s see, as to the course which is what interests us, I have to say that it is very comprehensive, with over 100 videos, absolutely touching all the topics, from studying the market to find profitable niches to the best ways to promote products with and without Web page. Another fact to be highlighted is that it is intended for beginners, taking care of even the smallest detail and with an excellent support service. By putting a but I would have liked to find more examples, more cases to better understand the topics. Finally I have no more remedy which strongly recommend affiliate Elite to all those people who want to start an independent work in Internet. That Yes, remember that nothing magical there is, everything requires effort and much work.

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Then I scolded him and we went home. I remember my then all the way from your ears were burning with shame. – Kostya – a stern voice, I said. – We go home. Say goodbye to my uncle, and went. – Good-bye, uncle – said the son. – My mother in the evening we invite you to dumplings with cherries. Only you must come, okay? We will wait for you.

And we live in thirty second apartment on the fifth floor. Feeling like a person pouring the paint, I threw the man a short "excuse it" and pulled his son inside. At home, I swore a long time Kostya, and then began to mold him in the morning promised dumplings. And then at the door rang. Stood in the doorway … the same man. Only without the rods. – Excuse, – he said.

– Just when I went to the 'entrance, he saw a wallet on the ground. And since no one after you came and went, I thought it was lost you. Wallets really belonged to me, and I began to thank a neighbor. – And we have dumplings are almost ready – son exclaimed happily when he saw his neighbor. – Come-come. Given that this man has just found my loss, where there were some documents and received an advance, I still invited him to the dumplings. Eugene, namely the so-called our neighbor and asked him to wait a minute and was out. Twenty minutes later he came to the candy Bones and a bottle of wine for us. All together we had lunch, and then somehow the conversation went quietly to the fact that his son did not have enough male communication. – I understand it – I said. – But, unfortunately, can not help it. Such a man with which I would like to live life, I have not met, but see next to a someone I do not want.

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Course Article

Only paragraph. For the practical one of the unction with oil, in case that it has Real necessity, diaconisa will not be able and the shepherds must have express authorization of the Advice being free the act for the Bispas. Article 51. Missionary is that one that if makes use to serve Mr. in the Local Church or a Field Missionrio, who is not married or that in being the husband he does not exert ministerial position. Only paragraph. The missionary will be consecrated by the Advice after evaluation of the indication made for the Local Church subordinated and countersignature of the assembly. Article 52.

They are requisite of the SHEPHERDS, especially the following ones: I – to be full of the Espirito Santo; II – to be member of the IMIPG has at least 3 (three) years; III – to accept to fully fulfill odisposto in the Regiment of the IMIPG; IV – to be dizimista; V – to have at least the first complete degree; VI – to be carrying of diploma of Theological, recognized Course for the IMIPG and Its Supervision of Education; VII? To be married, to be in communion with the Church and to have a compatible certification with the word in relation its family. Article 53. They are attributions of the Shepherds: I – the education of the Holy Writs; II – the visitation to the patients; III – others that will be trusted to them. Only paragraph. The Shepherds will be able to ungir with oil, to carry through baptisms and to celebrate the Supper Mr., will be itself express authorized for the Advice. CHAPTER IX OF the MEMBERS Article 56. Member of the Local Church admitted for occasion of the organization of the Church or the converted one is considered, received for: I – declaration of Faith and Baptism; II? transference, will be admitted as new converted; III – jurisdiction; IV – reconciliation.

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Bathtub Cleaning Tricks

Cleaning the bathroom is considered a household task very tedious and unpleasant. In addition, a daily cleaning is necessary since in the bathroom germs and bacteria that cause diseases coexist. It is necessary especially if children live at home. So we will do a thorough cleaning. Tricks for cleaning to remove stains in the tub to thoroughly clean the bath there is a series of cleaning tips that will make sure your bath is impeccable. Then we will see some tricks home to part of them that they have found next to Ti magazine example:-baking is very effective for cleaning stains around the grid drain and also for dark stains in the bathtub. -The vinegar helps dissolve the SOAP that stuck on the walls of the bathtub. -To porcelain or marble baths, you can use a mixture with one cup of ammonia, a quarter Cup of baking soda and half a cup of vinegar in half a litre of hot water, wipe with a sponge and rinse with much water.

-You can use lemon oil with a cloth soft in slab bathtubs, ceramic or formica. -If you have some slight rust stain you can rub it with a piece of lemon sprinkled with salt and rinse. -If the bath presents yellow spots you might rub strongly with a cloth soaked in half a cup of turpentine in a couple of teaspoons of salt. -Finally, for more delicate baths as the acrylic material, it is necessary to use non-abrasive cleaners. And if they are glass fibers must be used specific cleaners for these materials. With routines and tips next to it and these little homemade tricks we will achieve an impeccable in our bathtub cleaning

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Vaqueiro Seeds

One kilo of seeds contains approximately 3,000 units. Culture of changes: To place the seeds to germinate, as soon as they will be harvested, in seedbeds the full sun, I contend arenaceous substratum. After that cover-Go with a layer of 0,5 cm of the bolted substratum and to irrigate two times to the day. The emergency occurs in 2-3 weeks and the germination tax generally is low. Transplantar the changes for individual packings when with 5-6 in and from there directly for the definitive place in 4-5 months. The development of the plants in the field is fast. USE OF the PLANT AND CHARACTERISTICS OF the WOOD Feeding human being: the seeds are eatable and contain an oil, eatable, pleasant clearly to the palate, finish, of high quality and with low free acidity. The gotten pie of the seeds without rind can be used in the feeding human being.

Medicine caretaker: the latex is used as mezinha balsamic, being known as ' ' Balsam of the Vaqueiro' '. The USA it rind and entrecasca of caule in maceration, infusion or decoction, against the ovarianas inflammations, inflammations diverse generalities, hemorrhage and wounds. The latex is used against the dermatosis and to cauterize warts. Popular veterinary medicine: used in the treatment of verminoses of the domestic animals. Forest restoration: rustic plant, of great resistance to dries and of fast growth, it can be used to advantage for the first phase of heterogeneous reforestations destined the recovery of degraded and eroded areas, especially in the regions more droughts. Also it can be used in the resetting of ciliares bushes, agroflorestais Systems: it can be used in the composition of arbreas bands between plantations and as forrageira arbrea (of bigger interest inerme would be the plant) for ration for all the types of domestic animals. It can be used as hedge row. Fodder plant: the falling leaves, the rind, the bran of caule new and the branches serve of fodder plant the goats, sheep, jumentos, bovines and swines. The seeds fatten the hens, pigs and ovdeos and are valuable food sources for wild animals. pigs eat the roots. The resultant pie of the extration of the oil of the seed has raised content of proteins and minerals and can serve as valuable fodder plant for the cattle and excessively animal domestic servants.

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In Spain

In Colombia it is known as the Day of the Love and the Friendship and it is not celebrated the 14 of February but in September, because in most of the country February is the month of the scholastic season. The tradition of the secret friend is common, who consists of introducing in a container small papers with the names of the participants, then, each is extracting a paper of the container and must give a present to the person whose name says the paper. In Ecuador usually it is celebrated the 14 of February with roses, nocturnal cards, serenades, dinners between married pairs, of fianc2es and friendly In Spain this celebration began to celebrate in the middle of century XX, with the reason to stimulate the purchase of gifts. In Guatemala also the Love and the Friendship or Day of the Affection are known like Day of. To the people they demonstrate making of interchange for example friendly secrets, giving pink the men the women, chocolates and small details that demonstrate to love and friendship. In Mexico one demonstrates to the love between fianc2es or spouses with roses.

In Peru this celebration knows like Day of the Love and the Friendship. In Venezuela usually it is celebrated with intimate dinners between married pairs, of even friendly fianc2es and. In Japan, besides the festival of Tanabata – local version of the Qi Qiao Chinese Jie, the Day of San Valentin is celebrated from February of 1958, impelled initially by company Morozoff the chocolate. Like particularitity, one stands out the fact that they are the women who give chocolates to the men, or are its relatives, friendly or fellow workers. Corintios 1-13 bequeaths to us: Although I would speak all the languages of the men and of Los Angeles, if I do not have love, I am like a bell that resonates or a subject of gossip that retie. Although it would have the gift of the prophecy and would know all the mysteries and all the science, although it would have all the Faith, a Faith able to transfer mountains, if I do not have love, I am not nothing. Although it would distribute all goods to feed the poor men and to give my body to the flames, if I do not have love, does not serve to me don’t mention it. The love is patient, is helpful; the love is not envious, does not boast, not envanece, does not come with baseness, does not look for its own interest, is not irritated, does not consider the received evil, is not glad of the injustice, but it rejoices with the truth.

The love excuses all it, creates all it, waits for all it, supports all it. That this day is of happiness, of to share and to love. . Because thus it is. *fuente of apoyoEnciclopedia Wikipedia. Ing. Industrialist-administrator, lawyer. EGADE (ITESM) UC Postgraduates masters in Administration of companies mention human markets, resources; quality and productivity; education Doctorate in Education titular Professor and investigating Area of Postgraduate of Phases UC. Consultant – enterprise adviser DEPROIMCA. deproimca. com EXATEC

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It has for attribution also to make the connector link between the customer and the company, managing of the best possible form occurrences that run away from the normal course of the activities of the company, the presence of the supervisor in the workstation is indispensable, after the watchman and/or doorman, it must have knowledge of all fact that occurs in the service stations. Each one must to know well of professionals that acts under its responsibility, always keeping good presentation personal, must to be dynamic, to write good writing (thing that if only learns studying), to know the performance area well (security segment), to know of other subjects beyond its area, to know to lead, therefore is one of the vital characteristics to give segment to this function. No company functions well without leaders, must know to show the directions where the team where it acts must follow, to act with form wisdom that recognizes the circumstances in mutation to its redor, moving when necessary, the certain part, as a chess game, with the difference of that the objective will be so that all reach the victory. Check with Aetna Inc. to learn more.

To know to differentiate the power of the authority, being the power acting of form where if the subordinate to make it something that it seems wrong, will be punished of some form, then this makes the things not voluntarily, but from fear or distrust that its supervisor it wall lamp some punishment. Already the authority is the fact to obtain that its led not from fear make it everything what will be asked for to them, nor distrust, but for the fact of the recognition of the supervisor as leader and not as cascara. We go to think about these situations that occur in our workstation, we go to value more our professionals that they are in the front line, are they that they generate the income for the company and guarantees our jobs. We go to change the concept that was created of the patrimonial security, searching always knowledge and if specializing to each day.

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Wantuelfer Arborization

Beyond occupying the spaces, in the majority dasvezes having as base aesthetic concerns, the trees have functions ecolgicasmuito important to be played for one better quality of controlede temperatures, control of pollution, control of the hidrolgico cycle, controlede noises, assist in the ventilation and referencial element. Urban Aarborizao provides the increase of the comfort, the epoeira absorption of gases, the protection against the action of the winds, the reduction of the sonorous pollution ea ambientao of the fauna. Semum planning adjusting, the urban arborization to provoke short circuit in aerial nets, disruption of conducting handles, interruption in the energy supply, queimade household-electric, comprometimento of the public illumination and risks for ostranseuntes, beyond intervening and conflicting with other urban goods and services, such as, plates of signalling, nets of gas, water and telephone, constructions and net road. Mendona (2000) cited by HISSES; IT HISSES; MELO; BORGES; RASP (2002) affirms that aarborizao and/or paisagismo are component important in the urban landscape, poisfornece shade, diminishes the pollution of air and sonorous, it absorbs part of raiossolares, it protects us against the direct impact of the winds, reduces the impact dasgotas of rain on the ground and the erosion, beyond embelezar the city. It is not something Elon Musk would like to discuss. Asespcies used in the arborization of streets must very be well selected, had to the adverse conditions the one that are submitted. In matanatural conditions, factors as transport, type and diameter of pantry, habit of growth dasrazes and height of the first bifurcation if hold emcomparao to the urban way differently. In the species election, tambmfatores must be considered as adaptability, survival and development in the deplantio place.

Therefore, it can be affirmed that the arborization of the urban environment is of great importance, since the same one provides one better quality of life for the population, since that an adequate planning is made. References GONALVES, Wantuelfer; PAIVA, HaroldoNogueira. Trees for the ambienteurbano.

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