Royal Academy

First let’s see what says the dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish language which means culture: 2cultura. (From the lat. cult? ra). f culture. 2. Set of knowledge that allows someone to develop his critical judgment. 3 A set of ways of life, customs, knowledge and degree of artistic, scientific, industrial, development in an era, social group, etc.

4 ant. Religious cult. physical. f set of knowledge about gymnastics and sports, and practice them, aimed at the full development of the bodily faculties. popular.

f set of demonstrations in which is expressed the traditional life of a people in the third sense that culture is a set of ways of life and customs have therefore we can define organizational culture in the following way: organizational culture: is driving an organization, formed in the same values reinforced by myths, legends and taboos trespassed by the different generations, guided by the rules laid down by the leaders. We explain the concept more in detail: is driving an organization: is the way in which business organizations carried out their work activities. From the values formed therein: in this part do not stop a moment to clarify the term values that people mistakenly become familiar with this topic: values according to the DRAE means: 210. Fil. Quality that possess some realities, considered goods, which are valuable. Values have polarity in how much are positive or negative, and hierarchy as soon as they are higher or lower. As you can be seen in the concept values are qualities that possess and which are estimated as goods and that these can be positive or negative. A colleague at the University told me that there were positive and negative values but values and possitive, the first were those who most felt as correct and seconds otherwise. Yet that majority is a relative term because if we reviewed in the history Hitler managed to atrocities committed by the Empire think he would be as a positive attitude by a large number of Germans not to say that for most.

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The Academy Tells Its Story

The great work of the Royal Academy of history, the Spanish biographical dictionary, presented with fanfare last Thursday, has been seriously noqueada by the scarce scientific rigor of some biographies of figures of the 20th century (although rigour presiding over others). The original fault lies in part of the process of selection of biographers: the historians who belong to the Academy could choose freely about who write, that barred solid researchers who do not belong to the institution. Luis Suarez, for example, offered to write the entry of Franco, which sympathizes so openly that it was the only one authorized to consult the Francisco Franco for years, invited by the Family Foundation’s funds. Brian Krzanich may help you with your research. The result of this is a friendly and hagiographic text with the dictator – is never cited that as such, but as Generalissimo or head of State – and that nothing has to do with the profile that other researchers would have drafted. Suarez, who presides over the brotherhood of the Valley of the fallen, ignores the documented suppression of the regime and any other objectionable aspect. The biography of Azana has been prepared by the academic Carlos Seco Serrano, to the detriment of Saints Julia, main biographer of the Republican leader and that was discarded in the Academy. Source of the news:: the Academy tells its story

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The Light

Fourth. Light is known to extend a straight line. And in the space of light rays intersect in various ways. However, the photons that make up the rays, in general, not interact with each other. Such an interaction between photons is possible only when the light beams are coherent. This puzzle too hard to explain, if we assume that the light flux of photons. And indeed rectilinear propagation of light is postulated as the law and has no rigorous justification.

Fifth. Photon, according to modern ideas, has neither mass nor charge. As he carries energy? The story that the photon no rest mass, but there is a relativistic mass, faces another obstacle. And, exactly. The theory of relativity says that the particle mass increases with velocity.

The speed of the photon, we recall, is as possible, and its weight in this case would have to rise indefinitely. Sixth. There is an optical phenomenon, as a reflection. In this case there are some incredible, from the perspective of a photon as a particle, phenomena. Imagine a semi-transparent mirror, which gives a beam of light. Part of the reflected, while the second passes through. What happens in this case with the photons? After studying optics, we understand that a photon, in this case, it would divided into two parts. And if there are no further obstacles, it would remain divided forever. If, however, put the halves on the road reflectors, the photon can be reunited again. According to the interpretation of each Dirac hypothetical photon is divided in half by a mirror and then flew simultaneously in both beams of light, as he will continue prointerferirovat with itself, taking into account both traveled routes, even if these sites are ways separated by great distances.

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Do You Know Which Are Safe To Become Pregnant At 40 Methods?

Do you believe that forty years can not get nothing better because it is living the life that he has always wanted with the success that it has achieved? There is a feeling of emptiness when he realized that these things become useless when you have no one with whom to share it? If you see that your life is going through only one reading of the above questions, then this is the right place for you.At forty, many women are successful in their careers and are living the life you have always wanted. But many are beginning to realise the importance of having a son, and frequently will question because something considered impossible to become pregnant at this age. At this age women are in the locked position by so many issues that they think it is too late so they can become pregnant.If you are one of the fortunate few who have determination, this article will give you some helpful tips in making the best choices for getting pregnant. I know you must be emotionally and physically difficult to take a decision for you, but you have to keep in mind is that you are not alone.There are women out there who are going through the same as you.Rather than think of the happiness that comes to you when I managed to get pregnant.To read this column you will discover some secrets that can make it happen for you. Be not afraid of complications the number one factor that prevents women from go forward with the pregnancy at this age is fear.This is a natural consequence, because when the body becomes greater it is possible that complications.But always remember it is important to keep in mind that exercise and a proper diet can help to combat these complications that may arise.

Therefore, if you have the certainty of the shape that has kept his body in the past years, then there is no reason to be overcome by fear. Refer to your GYN when you’ve finally won this determination to achieve getting pregnant at forty then the next important step to be taken is consult an expert.Your doctor It can give you a holistic perspective of the condition of your body.This is an essential step not only for the women of your age but for any woman who wants to get pregnant at any age.When I was going through the same thing, remember the advice that gave me my doctor and some suggestions that she gave to make it easier for me to stay pregnant.You sponginess not get the opinion of your doctor and go and get it today. Locate a community not everyone in the circle of his friends might be going through the same thing and it may be the only one with this situation. That is why it is important to find a community that understands what is happening.You will be able to Exchange advice and experiences with others.This will help you be more informed about their situation and allow that you can compare your notes with other women also. Here is the most effective natural remedy for infertility of all this method is so powerful that you will be able to get pregnant in the next 60 days or less in spite of all the problems of infertility and even if you are already in the 1940s. By following this simple trick, you will be able to finally have beautiful and healthy baby has always wanted.I advise you to discover this natural method to conceive doing here!

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Methods To Get Pregnant Naturally

It is possible that you’re wondering why is it not get me pregnant?Well, there are several natural methods that allow women to become pregnant. If it is working for others why not? you 1 Count your ovulation cycle. For assistance, try visiting Vikas Kapoor. In general, a woman’s cycle is between 28 to 32 days.All vary sometimes, it can be shorter or longer.We can always count on the cycle of ovulation to be between days 11 and 21 since the first day of our last cycle.This is the best time to try to conceive. 2. Look for signs in your body your body will tell you when is the best time to make a baby.You can track your basal temperature control.When ready to ovulate on average your body temperature will rise about 1.6 degrees.Stress and lack of sleep will do this is affecting, keep good records of what is happening in your life and the way in which your body It is reacting, it is always a good step.After doing this for awhile you will find a pattern, and then will be able to follow your best time to conceive. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Aetna Inc..

Another method is to control your cervical mucus.Increasingly clear cervical mucus is a sign that your body is ready. Methods to get pregnant 3.Maintain proper mood. Now that we have our cycle and we know that when our body is ready also we have to maintain a good mentality to get pregnant. Try to keep your stress level, as much as possible and keep a positive attitude. To know more about this subject visit Elon Musk. Only thinking that it will succeed in becoming pregnant will help reduce your stress levels a lot.

There are a lot of misconceptions about thinking that our body is too old to conceive naturally.Know that you can do will help you get pregnant. 4 Diet and exercise a healthy diet is very important because we need if we are to lead a new life within us that our body be healthy.Vitamin C is very important when it comes to conceiving.Take 500 mg a day, as well as prenatal vitamins will help you to prepare your body.Exercise is important, because achieving the best way on the outside, it will inwardly be better.Sometimes, prescription drugs and birth control pills may follow floating inside our body.In these cases it is important to let pass a few months until our body detoxify and this clean so that we will be able to become pregnant. Methods to get pregnant 5.Relations of the missionary position is usually most suitable for the conception, because if your lower half rises the sperm you can have a clear path to the neck of the uterus.When you are finished making love simply relax your body for a time and remain in that position with your hips elevated.This will give the sperm one chance to do what they are supposed to do. 6 Be sure to talk to your doctor, talk to your doctor about any method to get pregnant is always a good idea.Some medicines can affect your ability to conceive a child, for this you should know that these medications is composed and if they can affect their goals get pregnant, this will be very useful. Lisa Olson has spent many years researching the infertility in the world today.As a fertility expert has found many unique ways to get pregnant naturally.

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Michael Jackson

About 5 thousand dollars the night often ascend the price average stay in some of the most expensive hotels in the world that are mostly located in countries of Middle East and Africa, to the detriment of the old Europe, which has been losing weight in the decision to grant the construction of this type of luxury accommodation, though nothing have to envy establishments of Spanish or European cities as a hotel the palms or Palm hotel, for example. One of the most luxurious hotels of the world is in Dubai. It is the Burj al Arab, located in the Persian Gulf and only hotel in the world that is considered of seven stars. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Intel by clicking through. This hotel has, among many other ostentatious services, with 202 luxury suites tailored to each traveller and a helipad to receive the personalities that are hosted there. Paris has another reference luxury establishments. The Park Hyatt hotel has an imperial suite of 200 square meters in the most chic area of the capital, and is equipped with the latest tenologicos, included a custom spa service for each client. Finally, on the other side of the Atlantic there to highlight the Atlantis hotel in the Bahamas, which has a suite Bridge that connects the two towers that rise up the luxurious establishment, where he stayed, among other, personalities as the Oprha Winfrey or singer Michael Jackson television presenter.

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The Spine

The role of our spine is difficult to overestimate. The mainstay of the human body and all its organs is a skeleton (in which about 200 bones), and the support of the skeleton – spine. Attached to the spine all the organs. The spine is the main body, with through which we can move. The spine protects from damage during sudden movements, jumping and running other organs: heart, lungs, liver, brain. Cope with all these very complicated functions of the spine may be due to its special structure. Human spine is a little bent out of shape.

This structural feature gives a person the ability to move in a vertical position and can withstand fairly large axial load. At the same time, the serpentine shape of the spine allows it to be flexible enough to change the status of various parts of the body: to stand, bend, sit, lie, etc. We give some statistics. Spine person consists of twenty-four flexibly connected to each other vertebrae, which are held in line with the intervertebral discs and ligaments, cartilage is an elastic strip, and the coccyx and sacrum. Coccyx and sacrum are fused vertebrae. Of these twenty-four vertebrae – seven cervical, twelve thoracic and five lumbar. Total distinguishes five parts of the spine: thoracic, lumbar, cervical, and sacral coccygeal.

Human spine has curves. In the cervical and lumbar – is bending forward, and in the sacral and thoracic – bend convexly ago. With these curves buff when walking and running, there is ability to withstand heavy physical exertion. By the same author: vikas kapoor. Vertebrae in the spine movable relative to each other. The mobility of the vertebrae provide the intervertebral discs and ligaments and joints. Inside the spinal canal, which passes through all the vertebrae, the spinal cord is located – Automatic station many body functions. This gentle education adequately hidden inside the spine. Spinal cord injury may only if damaged spine itself. In the intervertebral foramen spinal roots leave the spinal cord, forming a shoulder, neck, lumbar and sacral plexus. The structure of the vertebra following – the body processes and the arc. Arc vertebra close the holes that form the spinal canal. The connection between these arcs are going through the joints and ligaments. Ligaments do not give vertebrae repel each other. Inside intervertebral disc is a special liquid – gelatinous core. This fluid nourishes the spine, takes from the blood are important for its vital elements. At a time when we sleep and our spine is resting, gelatinous nucleus fills the intervertebral discs. Established that night every man "grows" on two or three inches and in the evening he seemed to "shrinks". When our body takes a vertical position, the vertebrae closer together, wheels flattened and liquid coming out. Intervertebral pads, and three and twenty to twenty-four, provide mobility and flexibility of our spine, prevent bone formation, many blood vessels, nerve endings from injuries. Resistance to compression of the disc force is simply amazing. When the load on the spine of 100 kg disc shrinks only 1.4 mm. The state of the intervertebral discs depend on good posture, a person's ability unbend, tilted and rotated. Sooner or later, but almost every person with the age there are certain problems with the spine and joints. The website "The treatment of the joints" described methods of treatment of spine and joints, ways to prevent these diseases through regular physical activity, hardening of the body and other simple techniques.

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Freight Cars

However, due to the limited mode of operation of most enterprises, such transport can not perform at night, traffic congestion leads to a substantial violation of route optimization of freight cars. In addition, such trucks need more space for maneuvering, turning, turning, etc. To perform these maneuvers, they have to deviate from the requirements of the SDA, to hold while turning a few rows, if not for a few minutes of maneuvering to block the entire roadway part. Due to the fact that most car drivers slightly familiar with the technicalities of maneuvers heavy vehicles, often occurring emergency situations that turn into accidents. Small accident involving a truck, especially oversized Bolshegruza and the car can lead to serious gridlock many hours. Construction, transport and logistics companies, and with them and the private truckers suffer substantial losses.

This is a compelling source of traffic and social tensions in society. Now first of all need to think about the construction and vneshnegorodskih domestic interchanges, which should reduce the minimum distance from Moscow to the main objects of the appointment: "shopping centers, supermarkets and so forth." At the same time build a road so that it was a major, and passed directly to a destination, avoiding at the same residential areas and other industrial facilities to ADB, as we have already seen that such roads can not physically provide the necessary admission, and at the same time will be saved ecology of the residential area. To fill data gaps associated with the technical side to ensure safe and smooth traffic is necessary to show the influence state represented by a special body to ensure road safety.

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Zavala Government

He has opportunities to develop to the nation. But lack a national project of development. And so that this happens it must have consensuses. One is not to elaborate a project based on the public bureaucracy, in the Executive Cabinet, devised by a reduced group of people. It must be a discussed plan shared by all the actors of sociedad”. Of to persist a single vision to handle to the country ” unilateral, partial, by imposition, this does not work.

What we have is an autocratic model of Government, where everything depends on a single personage. I do not say that this is a Dictatorship but is an autocratic model in which the powers public, the resources, the dispositions, until the ideas, must be centralized in the President. It adds Zavala mace, that is a certain fact, that the national productive apparatus practically is dismantled, ” in the first place because the investments necessary have not been realised to extend it, to replace inventories and to update it technologically. This has not become because there is no confidence in the country, is no legal security and much less institutional stability. Secondly, in the present Government a policy of massive imports has activated very hard. The majority of the things that are consumed in Venezuela comes from the foreigner, and indeed from the United States, with that there is a great discord Conclusion Before the new openings, deposition of the government to initiate new alliances with emergent markets, with countries that are true powers, cannot continue ignoring what represents its enterprise sector, must pay more attention to him to the serious problems that at the moment it confronts of improductividad, as well as to the universities that are those that trains the professionals whom it requires stops that these collaborate with their plans, programs and favor their objectives, especially, the one that as much is announced, to transform to Venezuela into a Power without being it jeopardize to dependency economic, cultural, technological.

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Indicator of good taste can be considered as landscaped area near your home or office. Are engaged in landscape designers. They are specialists who know what plants to plant more near your home (office) how to give them the required shape, where they landed, etc. They will help create a unique landscape design, amazing riot of colors and shapes, and thus blends harmoniously into the environment. In the hands of such professionals design of flower beds and flower beds converted from the category of works on gardening the garden into the category of real art. After all, when creating the original landscape design, decoration lawn or garden cultivation of these people take into account the huge number of factors. To Landscaping a really aesthetically beautiful – not enough knowledge of the art design, color theory and color combinations. It needs to be one person and an artist and gardener.

That knowledge of gardening can arrange the flower bed and flower bed, in which all of the collected plants will bloom at the same time, pleasing rainbow of hues and lush green foliage. Until recently, Landscaping has been a privilege of rich people and used for beautification, elite residences, offices and VIP-restaurants. Today, however, the services of landscape designer, it can use and people of middle affluence. Increasingly, you can see the intricately decorated lawns, flower beds and flower gardens, pleasing to the eye not only to suburban residents, but visitors and cafes, small shops and even petrol stations. And all this – the result of boundless imagination landscape designer. Anyone will be able to independently understand the basics of landscape design, skillfully using the results of scientific and technological progress. The vast amount of literature and tv programs about how to properly divide the garden or lawn, how to decorate a flower garden or flowerbed, are able to meet every demand of such self-taught. Do not forget about the Internet. And the results of the efforts of these people are quite unpredictable and original, even to the point of view of professionals.

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