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Close to this ground of dismissal and that that basis, dismissal due to a single gross violation of employee job duties. For serious violations include: absenteeism (absence from work place without a good reason for more than four consecutive hours during the working day) coming to work in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or other toxic substances; disclosure of secrets protected by law (Public, commercial, service and other), which became known to the employee in connection with his employment; committing theft in the workplace (including small) of another's property, embezzlement, intentional it destruction or damage, established by a valid court sentence or order of the body authorized to use administrative penalties, violation of worker safety and health requirements, if the violation resulted in serious consequences (work accident, an accident, the catastrophe), or knowingly created a real threat of such consequences. There is another common grounds for dismissal – mismatch position due to lack of qualifications, confirmed the results of certification. Inconsistency – the inability to employee training quality perform due to an employment contract, its performance is unsatisfactory, a systematic marriage, etc. Inconsistency employee position or work required to prove the administration. It was she who organizes test of knowledge, skills, theoretical and practical skills of the employee. If you made a certification, then conscientiously prepare for it. The most common ploy is the employer's dismissal for absenteeism.

If you have already "promised" to fire for absenteeism, try to make your arrival and departure from work seen by other employees. If you go to court to recover their rights, their testimony will be work on the weekend, if it is declared in the prescribed manner a working day; unauthorized abandonment of work – all of these cases are absenteeism. You need to be alert and careful in the workplace. Remember that forbidden to drink alcohol, not only during operation, but also outside office hours at the workplace or within the organization. Refrain from taking part in the feast, even if it has initiated a supervisor. What do those employees who may, but is not hit by the reduction? In this case only general recommendations: to try to demonstrate to the employer a high level of motivation to achieve results of labor function, try to achieve visible results in their work, which should be seen not only you but your colleagues and supervisor.

Despite all the difficulties that brought us financial crisis, and in such situation has its pluses. It is possible that right now you notice and appreciate leadership, a wide range of duties and responsible approach to their implementation will help you climb up the corporate ladder. If possible, Try to do more than ever, the amount of work will be a plus if you add additional responsibilities. If you expanded the scope of duties, do not hurry to resent or complain, even if the amount of Salary has not changed, and only talk about assistant fraught with unwanted firing an employee. Compensatory time off and sick leave for an employer – a source of discontent and irritation. Some workers choose a different path, such as collecting dirt on colleagues or even to the head, blackmail, denunciation of colleagues, superiors and others seduction Remember, these games are dangerous, unpredictable consequences of them.

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Zoroastrianism Year

At the end of the day of New Year Chinese family always welcomes their deities, who returned from the spirit world, where they talked about how the old year has passed already. The modern New Year in China is Chuntsze name, which translates as "Spring Festival", to Sinhanskoy revolution in 1911 the festival was called "New Year" – SinNyan. Bengali New Year was celebrated on a solar calendar – the holiday begins with the vernal equinox. Historically, the Hindu New Year occurs at the end of April – early May. Now the Bengali New Year was celebrated on 21 or March 22 because of errors that have accumulated over centuries of celebration.

Nowruz is also celebrated on the day Vernal Equinox – is the New Year at the Iranian and Turkic peoples, as well as the people of the Baha'i. "Nowruz" – in Persian language means "new day". Meet the Nowruz on March 21 in Iran, Central Asian republics and the Caucasus, and 22 March – in Kazakhstan. Nowruz has arisen from the religious teachings of Zoroastrianism is the ancient holiday associated with agriculture. Before the holiday in homes made clear in their homes and near the homes back debts. And on New Year's table you can see food from vegetable products, bread from wheat, barley, maize and other cereals.

The most famous festive dish – it sumalak, which is prepared from germinated wheat growths. Russian New Year comes in the night on 31 December. And before (before the XV century) in Russia New Year was celebrated on March 1 on the Julian calendar. But that's not all – of the XV century date of the celebration was moved to September 1 and then called on another – the first day of the year. And only in 1700 year, by decree of Peter I the New Year was celebrated in Russia as in Europe – with 31 on 1 January of the Julian calendar. Once the majority of European countries in the XVIII century have shifted to the Gregorian calendar, the Russian New Year stopped coincide with the European. And only in 1919 already in the Soviet Union began to celebrate New Year in accordance with the Gregorian calendar. Russian desk at the corporate new year can be found on a constant salad "Olivier", Champagne and tangerines. In 23 hours 55 minutes sitting head of state (not only in Russia but also in other countries where there is the New Year December 31) says the outcome of this year, congratulations to all citizens. Exactly 24 hours for Moscow Region Kremlin chimes beating all clink glasses with champagne and wish each other luck in the new year and make a wish. A striking character of the corporate new year 2009 is a Santa Claus, who came to us at present from ancient pagan beliefs with his granddaughter.

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Turkish Baths

And spending some time on the street will only help appetite run wild and make the meal even more enjoyable. Corporate events in Moscow are good that their members do not have to think about how quickly to get home. A place where you can relax, take shower and good sleep will be room in the main building or a cozy room in one of the wooden cottages. In the morning every guest lodging house can swim in the indoor pool, experience the exhilarating action of hydro-massage, steam in a Turkish bath or Finnish sauna, a walk through, breathing surprisingly clean air and admiring the beauty of nature. And, you can go to the local SPA-center, giving a sea of opportunities for enjoyable and useful recreation. Procedures proposed SPA-center – the perfect gift for women for the holiday on March 8. And yet, such joy can bring, and men – to February 23. Who refuses to healing wraps, reducing power massage or a session-stone therapy? Perhaps this experience will be the first step to a healthier lifestyle, and the next release of these people want to spend it here at Bekasovo "where leisure is directly related to health care.

Holding celebrations in Moscow will make corporate events more vivid and memorable. This is a great outdoor recreation, comfortable rooms for the night, delicious food and a range of entertainment and in where everyone will find something to your taste. This is a great opportunity to know staff better, to participate in cooperative games and contests to come up with something new and totally relax, trusting experienced specialist leisure complex. As experience shows, corporate guest houses in the country more attractive than similar events held in the city, be it office, restaurant or nightclub. Indeed, after the party holiday does not end, it just turns into another, no less exciting stage – a pleasant and healthy recreation, interesting dialogue and new experiences. Importantly, time to make the right decision and take care of place order in advance.

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Professional Portraits

Photograph – a form of image rights. High-grade photograph can convey a wealth of information about the object being photographed. In particular, the peculiarities of his appearance, emotional status, social status, etc. Even the most simple studio portrait can reveal the nature and depth of human soul, which is especially evident in the expression of the face and in her eyes. There is no strict classification selection of portraits. In the most general sense, all portraits conventionally divided into group and individual. If you are not tied to any particular base, you may find the following types of portraits. The classic photograph.

Is a shoulder or a half-length portrait of the classical formulation of lighting, the standard posture and hand position. Full-scale photograph. Photography produced in nature without additional sources of light. Conceptual photograph. Photographed object appears in a certain way, sending shooting plan. Romantic photograph. Using the appropriate details for creating a gentle, romantic image.

Corporate photograph. Represents a survey of employees of any company, for example, posters, brochures, etc. Reportage photograph. Used in creating report on some event, phenomenon or person. For example, a wedding photo shoot – a typical version of reportage photography. Genre photograph. Photographing a person in familiar surroundings or at the workplace. Based on the features of the composition and selection of shooting plan, can be divided into those kinds of portraits, like the shoulder, waist and a full-length photograph. Shoulder photograph. Photos are taken at close range in the frame are just head and shoulders model.

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Hollywood Diet

Perhaps, and can be called famous among Hollywood stars 5-factor diet. Dieting has become famous because it does not require any special superhuman effort, both in limiting the food, and in respect of sporting loads. Special efficacy of 5-factor diet showed in weight reduction in obese people. Author diet – Harley Pasternak, a highly respected scholar of proper nutrition and health maintenance. The idea of this power system is to reduce appetite and increase the rate of metabolic processes in the body – these miracles happen as a result should be eating five meals that can be easily incorporated into everyday meals. And, of course, this Diet also contains a trick – once a week is allocated a "day of disobedience" that is allowed to eat whatever your heart desires. In fact, this is nothing more than a way to consciousness not feel slighted. It does no harm weight loss process, because the rest of the person becomes accustomed to a rational and a single violation of the rules is merely "a prize for patience." The result of all these efforts is the result of the "5".

And in general, everything about this diet – one way or another connected with the five: five weeks – the duration of the diet (effective stimulus, which can coerce to further adherence to the rules of Harley Pasternak). Five days a week – 25-minute exercise (a principle of systemic approach). The obvious advantage of this stellar diet – lack of "star", ie unusual and exotic ingredients.

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Residential Pension Complex

The residential complex pension "Pine forest" includes four two-storey building at 173 seats. Types of rooms is 91 hotel rooms, including Standard and Standard Plus. All rooms are renovated, decorated in European ordering and calling a taxi, shuttle service (minibus for 9 people). His name is required pension magnificent pine forest, in whose territory he resides. Centuries-old pine and fir trees provide shade in the scorching sun and protect from rain inclement weather. Pine aroma that literally permeated the air, promote relaxation and restore health. Excellent conditions for accommodation, comfortable rooms and ample opportunities for active Recreation and leisure guest house near Moscow, make this a great place for families, children, youth or corporate leisure.

Guests of our holiday home in the suburbs offers rooms equipped with to live comfortably. In all categories of rooms have TVs, soft beds and sanuzly.Velikolepnaya nature, silence and tranquility will distract from everyday fuss. If you stay active in our boarding house has everything you need for this: the site for basketball, volleyball and mini football, sports and fitness facilities, swimming pool. After the exercise, you can visit the splendid sauna. Winter vacation is difficult imagine skiing without the magical forest. All the equipment for winter sports you can rent.

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Java Products

However, this leadership is very conditional and depends also on the political situation. Among all the channels RBS particularly promising for this region is mobile banking. Mobile communication has a very high penetration in all countries, here we add the benefits of SMS and USSD-channels and get a fairly cheap way of banking. Technically, a mobile bank is a collection of several products: from a very simple Java-client and SMS-channel applications to thin clients and smartphones. Depending on the preferences of the bank's supplier can offer one product, and their combination.

Unfortunately, the level of penetration and stability of the Internet remains quite weak, so – good old SMS and IVR channels are more effective than current solutions in Russia and Europe, designed for broadband Internet access. GEMINI line includes the full range of products for mobile banking – the significantly upgraded making the 90-ies, based on SMS and Contact-centers – to modern channels of DBS on smartphones and iPad. Taking into account the local conditions in each Central Asian region will certainly be changes in products and to meet the exigencies of the Bank – in the end implemented solutions. A powerful movement GEMINI line to the Central Asian region is already noticeable in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Let us hope that in other countries in the region will eventually be found interested lenders, which is explicitly stated in the concept of product development in 2011 (this concept can soon be found on the resource).

In conclusion, the future development of banking services and products in Central Asia will inevitably lead to a clear orientation on DBS channels. This is not only an image or reduce queues in the offices, but also the obvious opportunity to automate a huge number of customer self-service functions (for both corporate and retail customers). And it means: Minimal own costs of banks to hold in the RBS of all payments and transfers, new channels to market, minimizing the costs of providing common services (receipt of loan applications, processing deposits). For Central Asia it is still possible relatively painless, making Internet bank first-generation systems such as Web 2.0 (More details on trends in Web 2.0 can be found in LiveJournal in the account Gemini_Banking). Therefore, despite the late start, here it is quite possible accelerated development. Let's hope that the products GEMINI (and other products RBS) will undoubtedly positive impact on the banking market in the region.

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