Flight And Economy

As the great and the first one thanks to whom millions of Soviet children have gained a cherished dream of flight into space, although in those years, a dream to fly into space was equivalent to the dream of buying a brand new "Volga". Both had the same miserable odds: some lacked health relative to the "hairy paw" with other money and, again, relative to a no less wildly hairy limb. However, same person without a dream – a one-track mind, because dreams make people strive to constantly evolve and improve, so many children, no matter what, dreamed of becoming astronauts and learn song, which this great man sang in space. I hope everyone knows who they are, and if not, feel ashamed to be ignorant. Of course, this Gagarin. And he said: "Let's go!". And we're not going to slow down, and the throne in a way, albeit without the Gagarin, but with hope for a successful landing. Thus, we suggest the following: Avoid belated walks through the dark streets, parks and squares.

It was night time favors a meeting with the modern robbers nighttime streets. Of course, it is impossible to predict, and sometimes zasidevshis visiting a restaurant or, in extreme cases, the workplace, we are forced to return home at night. Well, when you live in a busy well-lit area you have the money for a taxi, which will drive up to the door, guarded the house, which opens the door guard. It would seem better not to think of, and, if not all so well composed.

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Analyzing Economics

We are used to monitor the increase in prices for oil and gas – as an indicator of the welfare of our country. In this case, the peak growth of quotations of the majority instead of joy at the completion of the budget arose selfish question: "Why I do not oilman? Well, or Gasovik "The high salaries, opportunities for growth – really wanting to be rife. But who would have thought: in the oil industry, even in the crisis is acute shortage of professional Frames Dreaming is not harmful And willing to actually quite a lot. Today, Gazprom and Lukoil are very popular among applicants. According to the rating of "50 Dream Employers for Young Professionals" newspaper "Action" and application "campaign.

Career ", these companies took first place in 2009. A Rosneft rose immediately to 14 positions compared to last year and stands at 6 position. These All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) bit different. The championship also give Gazprom (33% of respondents would like to work there), but the second place in the list is Rosneft (23%), lukoil is in fifth place (14%). And with such a rating to feel the lack of training Peace, just calm oil and gas industry experienced a serious decline in prices. It's no joke, "black gold" has fallen in price more than tripled. It was thought that it was hit hard by companies, and hence the employment of specialists in the field. However, even in October price was quite "comfortable".

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Economic Cycles

Properly assess the meaning of changes in the currency or stock market, as well as the overall economy, helping knowledge about economic cycles. Development of economic processes are cyclical in nature: growth necessarily accompanied by a decrease followed by recovery and new growth. Economic cycles – are periodic fluctuations in the levels of production and consumption (supply and demand). Usually, the dynamics of economic Development (cycle) varies according to the following phases: 1.Retsessiya (Recession) or decline. A reduction in business activity, falling production, reducing employment and income.

Depending on the degree of economic decline and time factor, the recession, distinguish the crisis and depression. Crisis – it is an imbalance in the economy, causing the reduction and suspension of production. Depression – a period during which gradually diverges excess goods, often at very low prices, and take a substantial period of time. 2.Vosstanovlenie (Recovery) or animation. Going rise in economic activity, the beginning of a significant increase in production. 3. Development (Expansion) or continued growth, typically include a cycle recovery and boom. The rise – the recovery period the pre-crisis level of industrial production, during which prices rise, profits, wages, resulting in levels of production and employment are gradually increasing up to full employment and full capacity utilization, usually comparable to the pre-crisis loading and employment.

Boom (peak) – is characterized by full load production capacity, high employment, a very high level of prices, wages. Typically, economic growth during the boom exceeds the level achieved in the previous cycle. The economic crisis that gripped the economy in 2008 virtually all countries in the world, as is known, began in the financial and construction industries the United States. In many media by different charges against management at the U.S. short-sightedness, greed, etc., but if you approach current crisis from the standpoint of the theory of economic cycles, the guilt at the beginning of the U.S. there is no crisis. Crisis – it is an objective reality in the economy, simply, it could happen a little earlier or later, but it would happen required. In the U.S. there is the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) (National Bureau of Economic Research – NBER), which is engaged in research and analysis of economic cycles and indicators. This question is very complicated, it all is that economic indicators characterizing the state of the economy, by its nature can be divided into three large groups – it is leading indicators, coincident indicators and lagging indicators. Almost any figure may be regarded as a one group or another, but the degree of accuracy of different indicators in relation to the stage of economic cycle (economic trends) can be different. To accurately evaluate the economics of one or a country, we must determine the phase of the cycle and compare the main economic indicators – GDP, inflation, the size of reserves, discount rate, public debt, the state balance of payments, the unemployment rate. Just at the time of writing (December 12 2008goda) NBER in its methods stated the official start of recession (recession) in the U.S. economy. The main factor in this definition was that that the fall in real GDP in the U.S. lasted for two consecutive quarters in a row. Hence, it remains to survive the depression (and possibly short-term type, the crisis will be without depression) and will welcome recovery.

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The Economist

For the first time 'Big Mac Index' was a joke made by experts of the American magazine The Economist in 1986. In their view, no economist is able to do something that can make an ordinary sandwich: calculate the purchasing power different national currencies. More indicative of the goods than the Big Mac, which is one and the same recipe to make the most of the world, to think is impossible. Cost of Big Mac helps economists to estimate the exchange rates world currencies. "Big Mac Index" based on the theory of purchasing power parity (PPP) rates at which currencies to each other to strive for such a value that would equalize the cost of identical goods and services in different countries.

That is, exchange rates against the dollar should be such that, for the same dollar amount in any country could buy the same quantity of goods of equal quality. The cost of a Big Mac largely depends on local costs such as rent, wages, electricity costs, the price of petrol and so on. They are very hard to bring to a common denominator and, as a rule, poor countries are much lower. That is why PPP is very well reveal inconsistencies in exchange rates between countries. In every joke there is truth. In this joke of truth was very big. In this theory, even came to its name – burgernomika, or economics sandwich. The Economist compares the price of Big Mac successfully for over 20 years. The number of countries already included in the "no laughing" study, now reaches 120.

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Economic Forces

Text A few years ago public transportation began to shift radically, usually in the country unless they want to take the bus to travel a long distance or short, take a taxi, and that was the rule. But suddenly began to come called taxis, just remember seeing those vehicles seen in movies of oriental fighting. However, little by little its use spread. At first the vehicles were seen as an extravagance, but then it became a necessity to the point that in all cities of the country has expanded its use. In simple terms: it is cheap compared to a taxi service in terms of only short distances. And this is its main advantage over taxis. Besides that a taxi is more expensive to get in front of a motorcycle taxi therefore the cost of borrowing is lower, adding further that the weight of a taxi will consume more fuel ago, being the least significant moto-taxi then spends less fuel.

However, the taxis have been linked with the informality and the so-called culture chichi, besides being unsafe and provide transport to the city look bad. What if issued a rule prohibiting the movement of taxis? As economists or those who pretend to be, we use something called the cost-benefit analysis to analyze these issues in general. It will address the Costs: “As a source of employment for thousands of people, the abolition of means of transport that generates unemployment and a negative impact on economic activity because of reduced zonal spending patterns of these people. “To be interrelated with other markets such as parts and servicing, the suppression of that activity also creates a negative impact on the local economy. “The welfare impact should be measured, since in this case it would be a reduction in the benefit of consumers who gave him a motorcycle taxi transport assessment, provided that no more would have to find other means of transport that meet the Characteristics of the closest previous would be the taxi, but has a different price. In case of very poor people who can not afford a taxi would be a total loss of profit.

-Increase in professional activities and which is used as a working tool for a segment of the population of low education. Benefits:-A reduction in the mortality rate in the transport and that an accident the chances of survival in these vehicles is minimal, which would positively affect the overall transport. -An improvement in the appearance of the city, which would be evaluated in the assessment to give citizens the image of the city. -Increased revenue of substitute services (taxis). So a priori, the benefits outweigh the costs which implicitly includes the fact that the motorcycle taxi service ceased to be a superfluous service to become a necessary component of both suppliers and demands. That brings to the utility function of the individual who use and income of one who offers the service for increasing their participation in the process economic. So that a law to eradicate this form of transport that is counterproductive.

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Corporate Identity

In developing the corporate identity to build brand spent no small resources, both labor and financial. Well, if enough organizations for implementation of similar work. And if we are talking about a small but very ambitious business, which is haunted by the glory of the giant corporations? This – and not-so-rare – the case will have to pick up a textbook on the psychology of advertising and allowance for working in "Photoshop". to create a brand spent not the small resources such as labor and financial. Well, if enough organizations for implementation of similar work.

And if we are talking about a small but very ambitious business, which is haunted by the glory of the giant corporations? This – and not-so-rare – the case will have to pick up a textbook on the psychology of advertising and allowance for working in "Photoshop". First of all, you should decide that it should reflect the logo. The rules are simple: the picture must stand out, be easy to read and have no more than three colors. When a sketch of the future of the trademark is ready to go time-to-use Photoshop (without his help stop the development of corporate identity). Best entrust it to a professional who can give a flat image is still glossy shine and volume. And after experimenting with the color of an object is placed on preparation and company name. And finally, it's time to add "Effects." First of all, you should decide that it should reflect the logo.

The rules are simple: the picture must stand out, be easy to read and have no more than three colors. When a sketch of the future commercial sign is ready to go time-to-use Photoshop (without his help stop the development of corporate identity). It is best to entrust it to a professional who can give a flat image is still glossy shine and volume. And after experiment with the color of an object is placed on preparation and company name. And finally, it's time to add "special effects". In developing the site should focus on the color scheme design. Web-based resource designed in pleasant, harmonious colors have a greater chance of success of Internet users, than if it was gray and dull, or worse, irritated too aggressive tones. The priority task of a web designer is to find harmonious color combinations. Some colors look perfectly together and complement each other. Others on the contrary one should never combine. The problem is, how do you know what colors will be a winner look for a background, and what is not? In such cases, not to conduct experiments on its own site, it is necessary to explore color harmonies (a combination of a few flowers, arranged in this order). The laws of color harmonies are very relative. When selecting a particular color are important by many factors: subject site (pink tone to fit women's magazine, but they will look ridiculous on the legal web-site), method of delivery information, personal tastes and so on. So before you find the right color scheme have to try all possible combinations. Now, what about the text. If you are building a website the entire text on it will be executed one type, the user will have to suffer badly to read it. That is why the body of accepted split into paragraphs, and all documents are processed in the same style. The concept of "style" includes special items used to format a paragraph.

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KPIs Company

It is said to improve something, you need to measure it. BSC evaluates key performance indicators (KPI) to measure progress towards achieving the company's strategic goals. Accordingly, if the selected metrics originally unrepresentative, the results of the evaluation is not much help to managers. Thus, the establishment of key performance indicators is perhaps the main stage in the successful implementation of balanced scorecard. Selecting KPIs – the process is quite complicated and tedious at times. And then the leaders admit many mistakes, which, however, differ in uniformity.

Consequently, these errors can be avoided. Moreover, it should be done if the company really looking forward to the successful implementation of the MTP. We should not expect any positive results have been, if the metrics are chosen correctly. Key indicators efficiency – not just the numbers and value. From these numbers change depending welfare of the company. However, if the numbers are "disconnected" from reality, then they will only figures that give the top management in misleading.

So, if you select the wrong metrics, executives are confident the right course business entrusted to them, but eventually it may be that contrary to the direction of the strategic objectives. So, on paper it looks great, while in reality, the company repeats the tragic path of "Titanic." What we need to know about key performance indicators? First and foremost – that's what the metrics should display the key success factors. For example, if your company is engaged in the wholesale, the KPI relating to sales, will be the most weighty importance. If the metrics do not represent the most important processes within and outside the company, from the MSP will be no good. It is important to note that the correct choice of the ECP is not guaranteed success in the implementation of the MTP. Each category of indicators should have a so-called "share". In other words, some indicators are more important than others. On what does depend on these priorities. First of all, the strategy of the company and its trouble spots. For example, if a company is having problems in relationships with clients, performance category of "Market. Customers "will be more important than the category" Internal business processes. " Too much attention on secondary indicators will have negative consequences for operation of the MTP. Often in the pursuit of success as top managers of the system overload indicator that the operation of CSP is transformed into a daily headache for all companies. Ordinary employees are not just understand the essence of the MSP, and do not have enough time to make timely data into the system. Therefore, the optimal number of indicators – a necessary condition for success. How many indicators recommended for use in implementing the MSP? Each level of management should have its own set of indicators, whose number should not exceed 10-12. More KPI overload the system. Moreover, it will be very difficult analyze data and identify key components of success in specific markets. Performance indicators should be understandable to ordinary members, or turn into a bunch of MSP unnecessary charts, tables and documents. If the employee understands their contribution to the company and the achievement of company strategic goals, motivation will increase, thus enhancing the efficiency of the entire company.

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Rent Construction Equipment

Rent construction equipment is a great alternative for organizations and individuals who need to use different types of vehicles in various stages of construction. During the construction of any building, from skyscraper and ending with a small country cottage, with no special equipment lease is almost impossible to do. Work on the removal of soil from the excavation, delivery of necessary materials, the alignment of relief – all of these studies fairly labor-intensive and do without the use of special equipment is very difficult. Rental of special equipment – is the ability to efficiently perform the current tasks on the construction site, with minimal costs. Rental of special equipment in Moscow is the solution of strategic tasks in the construction of roads, as well as an invaluable aid in the construction of buildings and structures.

And now the most important advantages of renting machinery. When renting special equipment you do not have to borrow to buy it, because their repayment will have to take money out of circulation, and after working capital – that is business development. Thus, when renting special equipment – no cost for its purchase. And also repair and maintenance of equipment – a task the landlord, not yours. And another important point – this is tax optimization. The fact that the rental cost of machinery costs will apply to your company deductible. Also, not being the owner of machinery, you are exempt from paying vehicle tax. Yes, rented machinery downtime – this is not your concern.

Special equipment brings profit if it ever works. And if you rent special equipment after completion of the tasks it simply returns to the lessor and quietly go about their business. And yet it is very difficult to deliver technique to the worksite. In the case of a lease, you do not worry about that. Landlord will deliver equipment exactly where it is needed. And so it is not necessary to hire or maintain qualified personnel in the state for Work on special machines, as a rule, construction equipment rentals offered along with drivers and operators who have sufficient experience and skills to solve the most complex tasks. Rental of special equipment allows construction companies and organizations to get as many modern and professional equipment for construction, as necessary to carry out any construction work. Modern construction is unthinkable without widespread use of technology for various purposes in all phases of construction. Its use not only reduces the use of manual labor, but also reduces the cost of production, greatly accelerating many of the processes where requires a large amount of work. Rental of special equipment in Moscow – is a constant update provided equipment, regular maintenance, fast and optimal replacement rental units at an unexpected breakdown in the process. This is an absolute benefit in conducting specific operations, where intervention is required, special vehicles. Rental of special equipment – a win-win development of the construction business. Special machinery services free you from all sorts of cost of maintaining a personal vehicle fleet. Rent construction equipment expands and leads to stability and confidence in the future.

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