To learn is a creative discovery, in the certainty that change is possible for both the sexos, and that this learning comes with the opening of risk and the adventure of the being, therefore teaching if it learns and learning if it teaches. that the autonomy, the dignity and the identity of educating has that to be respected, therefore in case that contrary if this being will not be respected will be something empty and inoperative (FREIRE, 1996). The film has a chapter where it deals with the family of Neil of an adolescent who has a dream of being artist, while its parents want that it carries through the dream of the mother who was to have a son doctor. This attitude of the family makes with that the young one if feels pressured and overwhelming, where arrives a point where the same it does not support more and suicidal with the gun of the father. Keating professor, makes with that the adolescent reflects in what likes, in the accomplishment it its desire, and not what it is tax. For Freire the hope and the optimism are gigantic possibilities in the change possibility, where the educator to consider one practical educative one in the resolution of the problem (1996). The school is worried in teaching, and not in making the pupil to learn to think, being a model conservative where he possesss its basic principles: tradition, honor, discipline and excellency. This orthodox and secondary vision, harms the professor in such a way therefore, it does not pass of the mesmice as the pupil who lives in a neutral vision, and without understanding of its certainty and truths. Freire (1996) affirms that ' ' education without research does not exist and nor research without ensino' ' (p.32). To teach, to learn and to search deal with the knowledge production, where the questioning of the truths and certezas makes to create possibilities to intervene with the reality in order to modify it.

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Inhibited Of the fights that I stopped and the ways that I searched, the life little provided to me. The destination made its game, played to show the route and insinuated, displaying its flavors; however, of the portions that I reached, when I ingested the highest point, the essence already if esvara. When my estame almost inaugurates pistilo of the flower, of it was not the polinizador. When almost I inhabited, I was deloused, inhibited; therefore, of the food that more I had hunger, I did not obtain to eat; the original sin that more I begged, I did not obtain to commit; of the source that more I had headquarters, I did not obtain to drink; of the fruit that more I desired, I did not obtain to prove; the naked one that it bewitched more me, I did not obtain to touch; the salient, small hidden e, that more wanted to sorver, I did not obtain to unmask; in ' ' fenda' ' that it lit mine covets, I did not obtain to penetrate. Thus, in this trituuura, the seiva that vitaliza the vio dries up, retracts the libido, dims the muddy being and the pursued aiming. However, still thus, exactly knowing that this feeling cleaves the chest and disorders the heart, I wait to be moved, enraptured and absorbed for gameta of this flower, and in this enlevo, spoon it knot agasalho of this vicejar..

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The BEINGS LIVINGS CREATURE the human being, the other animals and the plants sufficiently provoke interest and curiosity in the pupils: ‘ ‘ why lagartixa does not fall of teto’ ‘? , ‘ ‘ Plants exist carnvoras’ ‘? , ‘ ‘ Why some flowers exhale perfume and others no’ ‘? , ‘ ‘ What it would happen if the sapos they ate insects until they acabassem’ ‘. The questions, hypotheses, relations and associations are many that the children make around this subject. In function of this, the work with the beings livings creature and its intricate relations with the way offers innumerable chances of learning and magnifying of the understanding that the child has on the social and natural world. The construction of this knowledge also is one of the necessary conditions so that the children can, to the few, to develop attitudes of respect and preservation to the life and the environment, as well as attitudes related to compassion for the land. Petrpolis, RIO DE JANEIRO: k Voices, 1999.

KOHL, M.F. GAINER, C. 1995. Making art with the things of the Land ambient art for the children. So Paulo: Augustus. MILK, L.H. the Pedagogia de Projetos Intervention in the Gift.

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Economy Version Juan Town

Economy: Version Juan Town Whenever we have had opportunity to approach subjects related to activity economic, our main preoccupation has be the one to put in evidence face human that motivates, does possible, that it affects mainly and, that suffers, the repercussions that to happen of the economy, in his metamorphosis of the macro to the micro thing, it praises/pours off and it influences in the spending power on which they live and they interact in the flat base of the social pyramid. This time, we will narrate a history whose protagonists have been extracted of the daily life, personages of meat and bone, like you and I, reading friend, with the reservation of which we have preferred to preserve its identity, using the famous phrase of the fiction films: " The personages of this history are fictitious, any similarity with the reality, is mere coincidencia". Once we said, that to the Right and Justice, not always cross similar orbits, for the simple reason, that no matter how hard justice determines that all we are equal before the law, the reality it demonstrates us that all we are not equal and that an egalitarian treatment, will only obtain, to increase still more, the enormous breach that separates to which they manage to satisfy its basic needs, of those who with great difficulty they subsist, drowned by the surroundings and the marginalisation. It is under this optics that we try to locate to the personages of our history, with the aggregate who the same reservation that we have made in relation to the right and justice, we do corresponds it to the concepts that each of us has on ethics and moral, we would be very ingenuous, if we thought that ethical and moral they are synonymous. The philosophical thought considers the ethics like a value group, from arises there that when tenth that a person she is ethical, she is because the same, orients by principles and convictions.

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The Crisis In Egypt And The Economy

One more time history if repeats. Penalty that of the first time for the humbug and for second for the tragedy. The level of liquidity in the international market until this long January 2011 was enormous. The currencies of the developing countries as Brazil if appreciated. nd COO already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The real property assets as commodities and the stock exchange beat records on records. The prices of the real property assets in the emergent countries went off.

The monetary instability persisted under the waves of an almost irresponsible emission of the American government to make front to the exchange war with China. With this, inflationary pressures if propagated for the planet. Everything this in a context of high monetary instability and with almost insoluble problems in the question of the European debt. But thus the markets had exactly been to test its limits. Now with the instability politics of Egypt that threat to contaminate part of the Middle East seems that the market woke up and started to dictate order of massive sales on the commodity exchanges, futures and of values.

Plus a chronicle of an announced death. I do not believe that the crisis Egypt is the reason for everything this, But a good excuse Mr. market to make the corrections necessary on the prices of the assets and to purge the exageros of all the parts. In previous article it had detached that the prevalent conditions in the global market at the beginning of 2011 were very seemed to the 2008 crisis. (vide article, 2011: a new crisis) So that the panic if does not establish as in 2008 a global coordination for the confrontation of the situation is necessary. In a world still licking the wounds of the 2008 crisis, it urges that something is made. quickly!

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The Economic

But it is necessary to understand that these systems are for great amounts of content, where the design no longer concerns so much, if not the handling of the information. An informative page Web developed by this route will see attractive poor man little and. An important point is that, if you change of lodging supplier Web, surely Web will not be able to take to its page, because these are stored in a data base for manager that I am used. What is the ideal to begin? Although the economic option could be a group or a CMS, when we initiated we needed to be able to do and to undo with our page to achieve our objective, for that reason is that we did not recommend to initiate groups in any case. And to only resort to CMS if it is counted on a truly high flow of information.

Of another way the ideal and that will be able to help him to attract new clients will be a page Web done custom-made. In IZARIS we do not offer sites realised by means of predesigned groups, because we know its limitations and we want to offer the best thing to him to our clients. Of equal way the CMS use we solely realised them under request of the client in the needs that require therefore it. We understand that a page Web that does not sell, will be always a cost for our client and we will lose possibly it. We hope that this information is of utility for the success of their Presencia in Internet. If it wishes to obtain more data or to contract some of these services, it pngase in contact with us. Original author and source of the article.

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