Great Organized Distribution

In order to optimize its structure of channel, the more famous Italian beer in the world chooses to the company of Stupid leader in the commercial process automation Bologna, September 2010 Birra Peroni, Italian company of the SABMiller group that produces and commercializes in the world the famous marks of beer like Peroni, Nastro Azzurro and Pilsner Urquell, reinforces its cooperation with XTEL, international company leader in solutions for the automatization of processes of business in the companies which they operate in the industry of goods of great consumption in all Europe, now also of partner technological for the management of the points of sale of the Ho.Re.Ca channel. After implementing the solutions Salts Agreement and Sales Promo for one more a closer cooperation with the Great Organized Distribution, Birra Peroni will adopt unit Execution Salts to increase to its efficiency and competitiveness in the market: it is a specific solution for the precise management than really it happens in the bars, restaurants, stores and places public in general, with respect to its products and to those of the competition. Therefore, Birra Peroni has renewed its confidence in XTEL, in agreement with its desire to maximize all the resulting synergies of the complete implementation of a unique and specific platform like the suite Salts One Masters. Execution salts will be used in different internal areas of business from Birra Peroni: YOU, Trade Marketing and Routing Schedule Area. The primary targets are two: to improve the management of the points of sale, very numerous in the Ho.Re.Ca channel. , as much in terms of efficiency and effectiveness and to provide to the force of sales an application that allows the definition of routes of optimal visits, to reduce to the minimum the time spent to these activities other people’s to the control of the point of sale. " Birra Peroni wants to as much maintain standards of excellence in the attainable processes and results – Pablo Parlagreco says, Director of Technologies of the Information of Spa Birra Peroni-. Indeed he was therefore decided to come to the automatization of all the processes related to the area comercial." " We felt honest of which Birra Peroni has renewed its alliance with us and our solutions to realise faster and more profitable processes of business comments Federico Grandi, Project Manager of XTEL. Since one has taken control of Salts Promo and Sales Agreement, also Execution Salts will be integrated with the ERP of the company, SAP, and with the Legacy System at the moment used to manage the force of sales. Original author and source of the article

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It analyzes careful is of capital importance to undertake some I negotiate, dismissable you analyze are them that always they hang for the failure. If the entrepreneur thinks the bankruptcy this means that 50% of this bankruptcy already are happening or 50% of stagnation of the businesses already exist. Renewal To renew, to innovate, to leave the routine using what it is had is unquestioned a strategical point in all the sectors of the life. If it is applicable in all the sectors of the life, either in the conjugal life, either in the professional life, either in academic life, either in the entertainment search. It will be that it is not possible in the enterprise life? It is more than what possible, it is not only practised. All good I negotiate tends to relieve profits, and all good I negotiate is observed for that it is not getting in such a way profit in the same commercial area. What it does not have profits innovates with promotions, drawings, atendimentos it I domiciliate, sac (service to the consumer) with note given for the customer for the attendant, and all a infinity of propaganda and marketing.

But what it lacks it is to renew what already it gave certain or that is giving certain. The companies of credit card if had renewed offering closed packages for the customers who to accumulate certain number of points, this are horrible because the punctuation is delayed and if it becomes desestimuladora, because not to innovate. The question is: how? Because not to inside divide the value of the package for accessible prizes of the same package, thus the customer can accumulate points for the packages that in elapsing of it I accumulate it can are changing for other toasts and continuing in the promotion of the aimed at package previously. Let us see what Mr.

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