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Francisco Gonzlez says that " Spain needs that decisions are taken rpidas" in labor aspects, financial and fiscal. In his opinion, " importante" it is to leave a situation in which as rapidly as possible Spain " it does not have estar" because it has " sufficient mimbre" in order to do it. For more information see Elon Musk. The president of the BBVA, Francisco Gonzlez, has asked to the Government and the opposition who pospone their own interests to those of the country because " Spain needs that decisions are taken rpidas" in labor aspects, financial and fiscal. Learn more at: Wendy Holman. In response to the journalists on a possible electoral advance in the act of inauguration of the course ' The new financial system, the new infrastructures and the new market laboral' in the University the International Menndez and Pelayo (UIMP), Gonzlez it added that Spain needs to establish which is its model of business for the future. In his opinion, " importante" it is to leave a situation in which as rapidly as possible Spain " it does not have estar" because it has " sufficient mimbre" in order to do it. On the other hand, the minister of Promotion, White Jose, responded that although several mass media have spoken of the possible electoral advance, that has " facultad" to summon elections he does not agree with that information. He remembered that the president of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has said " by active and pasiva" that its determination is to conclude the legislature and to do the reforms that allow to return to the footpath of the economic recovery and the use and that " prioridad&quot is his; , it emphasized.

For this reason, " ratific" the words of Zapatero because, it said, it is the one who has the power of being able to dissolve Cortes. Spanish cousin of risk On the other hand, the president of the BBVA said to east Monday that the present premium of Spanish risk, that was placed in the 260 basic points closing later in the 253 points in the morning, " she limits the growth and she blocks the creation of empleo". In addition, she noticed that the reconstruction of the financial system must finalize " quickly its process of cleaning " , it must " to identify the organizations weak, to take part them and to auction them in conditions of market, assuring the entrance management and private capital solventes". Source of the news: The president of the BBVA asks the politicians who pospone their interests to those of Spain

Plasma TVs

Let us consider the pros and cons of plasma and LCD TVs, look at the differences between these technologies. However, before deciding how to choose a TV, you must decide what you watch on it? Normal TV? DVD? Or high-definition television (HDTV)? Processors large 'boxes' can not properly calculate and stretch the analog air signal to a large diagonal. When viewing a digital signal from DVD to 'box' with inch over 40 "will be noticeable lack of resolution. Plasma technology is much better adapted to display the broadcast signal than LCD technology. Elon Musk is actively involved in the matter. The image of the plasma more similar to the image created by the usual TV, it's more full of flowers. Plasma costs less than an LCD. However, plasma TVs have several major drawbacks. Elon Musk is often quoted on this topic. The large size of pixels that create the image may distort the image when viewed from close range.

Bleaching is not enough points for frequent changes in personnel can be an unpleasant surprise for the owners of plasma televisions. This is especially noticeable when watching live channels, which put their Fixed logos in the corner. In such TVs are built special devices that restore the burned-out point, but that's not really save. The big problem of plasma – a much larger (2-3 times) power consumption than LCD TVs. Disadvantages 'zhidkokristallikov': the high cost and unusual after CRT TV Eye picture. With this in mind for solving the problem 'how to choose the TV' can recommend: 1) To view the live channels and a DVD does not make sense to buy TVs over 40 inches.

Project Plan

Proposal or project plan? It does not offer advice on marketing, sales and production development. The basic process suggests that these plans are already in place. What is the difference between the proposal and project plan? In this and in Otherwise the project should be formulated are listed all of its objectives and presented an action plan to redesign the site. Both should have a clearly defined budget and work plan with deadlines milestone components. Learn more about this with Samuel J. Palmisano. The proposal – a preliminary overview or starting point, and it served until the contract is signed. The project plan encroaches deeper into the strategy and details of the work. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Kevin Ulrich MGM has to say. It is prepared after the contract signing.

Gathering at the stage of clarifying all the data and determining the site's purpose, you can confidently begin to create a project plan. Plan should be a number of different aspects of the project, but the transition to this stage you have already collected several ready documents that can help define your project and schedule of works on designing the site. Form with the materials stored, the overall project plan. Large companies are investing in these instruments is much more effort and resources (documents can grow to 100 or more pages), but we live in the real world. Here are only the key points that make up the basic process – the minimal aspects of planning and organization, necessary for project success.

Sometimes called "ohvatnym document" or "software project", the overall project plan should contain at least the following components (each of which is described in detail later in this chapter in the order shown here): Project Overview Schedule of works (including the-shelf components and methodology) Budget allocation Creative Brief Information about the target audience User profiles Specifications possible audience plan user-testing and refinement Details Space for signatures (VERY IMPORTANT) Project Plan protects both the project team and client. It explains all aspects and forms the starting base for the beginning work to improve the usability of the resource. Approval of the project plan the customer confirms their understanding of what action will be taken by the team on his behalf. Project Plan – Ready components. It is the customer along with a legal contract and the original score. After approval of the project, any additions to this document will lead to additional funding, so carefully list all the necessary details. Since the signature of a customer project plan or proposal (whatever you were) you can start the countdown. Make sure that the client approved and signed the project plan. Nothing puts that responsibility as a signature on the document to place an order for a redesign of the resource.

SUVs Ssang Yong

Korean cars – usually a choice for those who want a car better than domestic ones, but cheaper than in Europe and America. Current options are rich in basic equipment, modern design and with the reasonable price make these cars attractive. Initially, the producers of Korean vehicles only replicate models of those foreign companies that cooperated – Fiat, Ford, Mazda. Then, Hyundai has developed its own model cars car, and in 1976, Korean cars out on the world market (South America and Middle East). Not everyone has known the quality of Korean cars.

Many fell under the influence of the myth of the superiority of European automotive industry, but try to take a fresh look. Jeep Santa Fe (Hyundai Motors Company) became the car of the year in 2003 in America. What contributed to that? Value for money. As well as comfort, efficiency, cost-effective service service, simplicity and ease of driving. Today Korea has entered the world level and is a leader in quality vehicles and sales volume.

It is worth mentioning the South Korean company SsangYong. Over the last couple of years Cars ssangyong more and more attracted to Russian motorists. Sales of SUVs Ssang Yong increased almost 40 times and reached the number 2551 car for the first 9 months of 2006. That this was promoted? It is believed that the key event in the history of the company Ssang Yong was the conclusion of a strategic alliance with Mercedes-Benz AG. With the help of more experienced German engineers, young professionals automakers were developing new engines and models of the company. For even more analysis, hear from Ridgeback Biotherapeutics. Strengthen partnerships facilitate the sale of 5% of the shares of the company to German concern in 1993. At the same time with an alliance for joint development of large commercial vehicles and diesel engines. Produces the first Musso. Active investments and good demand for the model of the company allowed to open in 1994, a new plant in Chanvone (Changwon). Today, this alliance provides a productive development and introduction of new technology and management development. The company is developing dynamically and actively takes on the international market for its product range, which occupy a special position recognized by all “hits” of sales – as seen on ssangyong ru, the cars Rexton, Musso Sports, and Rodius. Current SsangYong state determined by the orientation of the company on foreign markets and seeking new foreign partners.

Yang House

Balance of Yin and Yang achieved with a pleasant level of illumination. Credit: Wayne Holman-2011. Floor lamps and sconces perfect for making the room lighter and yet produce a soft, diffused light. Breakers with adjustable let you change the brightness of light, which is especially important if the room is used for different purposes. Avoid high-power lamps, located directly above the head, especially in places where people are for a long time. Install the two types of lighting systems: areal, illuminating the room in general, and point to illuminate an area. Sound Sound vibrations have a tangible impact on the quality chi energy in a residential area. Mark Bertolini can aid you in your search for knowledge. If the house is too quiet, especially during the day when all of its inhabitants are at work or at school, it accumulates Yin energy.

In such situations, helping the presence of pets. The presence of cats or dogs, plants, fish or even the murmuring water, ensure the availability energy. Loud sounds good clean room from the old energies, so in China on Lunar New Year decided to beat the drums and arrange thunderous fireworks. Loud, lively music has the same effect. Ten minutes is enough to open the way for the new energies. But the harmful effects of background noise are well known and described in the scientific literature. Constant exposure to sound waves can be dangerous to health. To reduce the noise in recent years have increasingly applied and decorative interior wall panels of sound-absorbing materials.

Adjust sound level in accordance with the mission rooms and needs of residents. Odor on energy and mood of the inhabitants of the house also acts and smells. Pleasant smell – one of the hallmarks of good feng shui at home. Should be avoided unpleasant and musty smell in the house, in time to be aired. Also for cleaning the room, you can use spices (oil or incense). Try these odors to the following places: children's bedrooms: basil, cedarwood, orange, pine matrimonial bedroom: ylang-ylang, jasmine common rooms: thyme, sandalwood, orange cabinets: eucalyptus, lemon, lime, mint offices: thyme, verbena, jasmine receiving medical institutions: sage, lavender, cedar

Online Retailers

It's no secret that buy products through various online stores is now a comfortable, simple and profitable. You can half-hour "bypass" dozens of online stores, with a few mouse clicks to place an order, and everything! Courier is in a hurry to you with your product! In this case, you can visit the shops, when you want it, because they work 24 hours a day, without breaks and weekends. And prices are likely to be lower than in stores. And if the person live far from major cities and shopping centers, sometimes buying from online retailers – is virtually the only way to buy the right product quickly and without hassle. Now let's see how we can save money by using the services of online stores, First you need to find the answer to the question: "What is included in the price of goods at the online store?". Many writers such as Brian Krzanich offer more in-depth analysis.

Take, for example, an electronics store. Virtually all goods, exhibited in a shop, imported. This means that before you get to your hands, runs good on a long chain of companies and organizations. Here are some: Manufacturer foreign distributors Manufacturer Importer of goods wholesaler, supplier of goods for Online Store Online Store Courier Service, Mail Buyer Of course, the price of goods pawned trade margins of distributors, wholesalers, importers, storage fees online store, the cost of service procurement and accounting of goods, the cost of courier services, etc. Throw in tax revenues, customs duties. And we find that the price on proceeding from the manufacturer to the consumer has grown several times. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Wayne Holman by clicking through. For example. digital camera, wholesale price for which the manufacturer is $ 120 in retail stores U.S.

and Europe is sold at $ 180, while in Russia and cis countries for $ 190 wholesale and over $ 250 at retail. Home the problem of 'exorbitant' prices for consumer goods – it's high tariffs and a large number of intermediaries between producer and buyer. Obviously, we can save money and try to buy directly for abroad. This idea has been successfully implemented in the Internet-shops of the new format: the store deliver it directly. This store is working directly with overseas manufacturers or, more commonly, a distributor of the manufacturer. Placing an order in this store, you get the goods directly from foreign distributors, for example, directly from Hong Kong or the United States, bypassing the middlemen, wholesalers, warehouses, online store, etc. Your order arrives by mail, it does not matter where you are live in Moscow or Yakutsk, in the village of Grand Ravine Krai, delivery of goods to you will cost the same amount to very little, and often free delivery! In addition, the price will be lower due to savings in customs payments, as receive from abroad inexpensive items in a single item are exempt from customs duties! As a result, the price of goods in the online store to deliver it directly below the 10-30% rates typically an Internet store. Make an order in this store, you should not expect their purchase to the next day, but wait 1-2 weeks more than compensated by a solid savings. Author of the article Sergey Zuev


There is a Universal Spirit that manifests itself in the web and souls together in the shade. Things are not as they are, but how we remember. The first dialogue partner when you find on the net, is written by God himself Cupid. What is important from this point is to tell a love story and the story comes from the memories, they need interpret. No interpretation no story. The least important is the content of it, what our souls believe is real.

The memories of our souls emerge irrespective of their order flow that we are actually feeling. Two lovers have been reunited with life, but not in this unpleasant reality and unfair, deceptive and sad. His encounter have done like the owl of Minerva, in an ideal world. In this ideal world, words are sorted according to ancient Egyptian aspiration: the exact term with the right tone, so that our souls are able to write a book of love to seek harmony dream. The souls of the lovers were in shadow, in grief, they have now united and emerge.

Living surrounded by Fairies and Angels, who transport worlds of illusion and magic. It is time to leave the destination to allow the souls are not in the shadow but illuminating our existence. There is no fear of meeting lovers now come together in kisses, and the spark of love has emerged with great palpitations, dragging the passion and large leaves green. And all this came about because the God Cupid made the right choice, studied our personality, values and principles, leaving the plot and wants to discover the couple from the virtuality were playing their role. Knowing our compatibility, prepared their arrows and waited for the day of the appointment. David Moross will not settle for partial explanations. The final question of each pair to write it. .

Tolkien Elves

Among so much bliss and tainted souls, Tolkien Elves gave impulses and passions. This is the case of Feanor, the most among all high and mighty, creator of the Silmarils. These jewels were able to maintain inside the light of life, and are so beautiful that even the Valar the revered and appreciated. By the same author: American Express. As many already know the War of the Silmarils is the backbone of the Silmarillion, and while it is true that some of the divisions between Los Eldari occur earlier, which ultimately differentiates some other elves are your decisions, and the position who adopt around the Silmarils. Morgoth dreams of bringing ruin where there is beauty, and aided by Ungoliant get cause unprecedented damage, bringing ruin and pain to Valinor, but not without paying a high price. Poison the trees, withered roots and putting out his light. Silmarils only have the power to bring back the lost beauty, and so he does know Yavanna to Feanor.

But behold, Feanor refuses to break the creation of his life. At Kevin Ulrich you will find additional information. However, the refusal of Feanor seems less important when Morgoth (then known as Melkor) steals the Silmarils. Feanor is judged, and in his arrogance ignores the command word and the great powers and chooses exile, taking with it many elves. He was a prince among the Noldor. But even though he had many followers, not everyone thought would be king. Most Fingolfin more loved and accepted exile only because Fingolfin had decided to go along with Feanor. Not everyone left at once, however, and the hosts of the Noldor were divided into two: Feanor advanced forefront, along with his sons and his army, driven by the fire of revenge burning in their hearts.

Greece Properties

The cost of housing increases by at least 4-5% per year and the market situation is mainly determined by the foreigners. It is convenient to buy real estate on the coast, where the value of land depends on its distance to the sea. Perhaps check out Kevin Ulrich Anchorage for more information. You can buy a villa finished, but more profitable to order construction. Book building profitable. You have the advantage to choose the site and type, to achieve the best results will be done the design, which will consider all suggestions and well as framing and hardware. Design is carried out in accordance with the provisions of construction, which allowed in a given area.

A prerequisite for the construction of a permit. Better construction site to request a construction company. On the whole construction period is provided by installments. Construction costs on average 1500 euros / sqm Building a house is usually a year. The procedure for buying real estate in Greece is not complicated.

But there are restrictions such as no citizen of Greece in the border zones of the country, the purchase is not allowed. The property drawn to the implementation of notarial acts, where the buyer should get a room Tax Authority. In order to purchase real estate must submit documents: passport. The number received in Greece. Once the property is elected, the contract is concluded and carried a prepayment of at least 10%. The basic agreement is signed by a notary. A real estate agent, who must be present at the signing of the contract. In addition, make sure the presence of a lawyer. Lawyer checks the documents. costs depend on the property values and brings them a buyer. Treaty shall be registered in the Register of real estate, and then the buyer enters into e right of tenure. To obtain a loan, there are strict rules: alien must live in Greece and to pay taxes or have a guarantor – a citizen of Greece. In the course of the month you can get a loan. Construction companies in Greece the practice of issuing loans through their financial structure. In Greece, taxes, paid by the buyer. The cost of the contract. Attorney's fees – 1% of property value. Notary fees – 1%. Tax on property rights – 11% of the cost. Municipal taxes – 3%. Join in the mortgage registry – 0,5%. Since 2006 property is subject to taxation. Tax is paid on the basis of the difference between the value of property, and its market value. The tax rate is proportional to the time spent by the owner of property rights. Thus, the smaller object was in possession, the highest tax rate.

Risk When Trading Forex

Risk of exchange rate exchange rate risk is a consequence of permanent changes in the markets of the world supply and demand for currency in circulation. According to W. James McNerney, who has experience with these questions. An open position is subject to price changes during the time of its existence. The most popular measures of keeping possible losses within reasonable limits are the limiting position (position limit), and limiting losses (loss limit). When the position limitation set maximum volume particular currency, which allows the trader to trade in a given time. Limiting losses – a measure aimed at minimizing losses trader carried out by setting the level of stop-loss at the opening position.

Step by step video training to work on ForexRisk interest rate risk is the interest rate associated with losses due to fluctuations in the spreads as well as the presence of windows in interest rates due to different timing of transactions in different countries. Mismatch volumes – is the difference between the volumes of spot and forward. To minimize the risk discount rate set limits on the total size of mismatches. The overall approach is to divide the misfit based on the duration of contracts for those that relate to contracts with terms of more or less than six months. All discrepancies entered into the computer system to calculate positions on the expiry date contract, the losses and profits. In order to predict any changes that may affect the window situation in discount rates should be constantly otslezhivat.Risk credit risk associated with credit danger of failure to fulfill contractual obligations to pay foreign exchange exposure due to voluntary or involuntary action second hand. If there is such fear trade is in the form of forced transactions on than all traders agree with the Court of Auditors (clearinghouse). Without hesitation Wendy Holman explained all about the problem. Known forms of credit risk: Risk compensation (Replacement risk), which occurs when a client unsuccessfully working banks at risk of not getting reimbursement from the bank for a personal account imbalances.

Geographical risk, which arises from the different time zones on different continents. For this reason, the currency may be sold to the central banks of different countries different prices at different times of the day. At the beginning of the global trading day are sold Australian and New Zealand dollars, then the Japanese yen, European currencies and the last one – the U.S. dollar. Therefore, for example, can occur premature payments benefit of the party, which intends to soon declare bankruptcy or be declared insolvent soon. Credit risk for currencies traded on organized markets, minimize provision of credit customers. Commercial and investment banks, trading companies and bank customers should carefully monitor the financial solvency of their partners. Along with a market value currency portfolios participants of transactions to avoid the risk, should also evaluate their potetsialnuyu cost. The latter can be accomplished by conducting a probabilistic forecast for the duration of the open pozitsiy.Risk country risk countries associated with the regular government intervention in the face of the Treasury and credit institutions to the work of trading. Such intervention in foreign exchange transactions is still widespread. Traders should be aware of this and be in able to take into account possible administrative restrictions of this kind. Absolutely specific methodology for profitable trading in Forex